Monday, September 9, 2013

One Week Left in the MTC!

Nick did tell us his travel plans.  He leaves in a week.  He is going straight to Mexico.  No stops.  He also was made District Leader and says he does like having personal interviews with each missionary.  He says they are different one on one.  He's ready to leave the MTC and the language will come.  His sister, Sydney left for Korea today.  

But this week. The 2nd to last one!   I'm almost out. I feel like the past month has just flown by, its unreal. With only 23 months left, I don't want to go home and have to go to college and stuff. But spanish, I feel like I haven't made that much progress this week. I learned preterit and imperfect, but I'm just like not at that point where I can use it casually in lessons and stuff where I don't have to think about it as much. So I don't know, it'll eventually come. I'm not worried about it. 
      I guess I'll tell you about Elder C..... He's the guy I've been having the hardest time to like  during my stay here. Just a loud obnoxious kid, obsessed with sports, talks himself up and just lies all the time, stubborn too. Just gets under my skin everyday. Anyway,  yesterday we were talking to him, just about life and things and he told us his story. He talked about his life back home and how seriously messed up it was with everything. His dad beats his mom, and they argue non stop. Hes unemployed, and now they're separated. Of course his mom refuses to see the bad in him, so she just justifies it with other means. It just makes me feel like a crappy person, you know. We take so many things for granted in life, and we just automatically think people have grown up in the same conditions.  But,  that's not true at all, nor is it fair.   I just feel a little ungrateful, not for like dumb stuff like laundry, thats not that big of a deal, and frankly is a mom job.  Just  kidding. But just the fact that I have a good family, that's strong together. Couldn't ask for anything better in life. 
     Que mas. This week was kind of dry. The older district left so we were in charge of everything. Its weird. There's no way I'm ready for Mexico either. But I'm excited.  I just wish I could get to that point where I'm not a scrub at speaking in Spanish, and being a new missionary.  Can't wait to be fluent and fit in with the people.  Last week when the old district left they mentioned that it was their last day in America for 2 years. Thats so weird to think about. I'm sure I'll get used to it, its just I don't know. 
    I'll have to look in my journal for what else happened. BIt was a pretty normal week. I saw Syd last Monday and Tuesday.  We said  goodbye and everything. She'll do well, just has to avoid being nuked by North Korea.  (you gotta love brothers, such compassion.)

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