Monday, November 24, 2014

Kind of a letter, more of a note

Hey guys,
This week was just a lot of wearing a suit and being in meetings, talking about the mission, what things we can use or change. how to be better etc etc. (Nick bought a new suit, looking sharp)
Ate in a sketchy highway pull off buffet. Yummm :)
Other than that though, I really have nothing to talk about I'll find something for next week. 

Something interesting that the 70 talked about. That on the other side it's the same organization as here. Mission presidents, areas, missionaries. What I learned though fue que todos los misioneros alla son bien muertos, no bautizan a nadie... (Basically, this means that in heaven they've passed and so there are no baptisms)
That's about it though. Take care! 

Also tell grandma I said Happy Birthday! Only a week late

It was a bit of a reunion for Nick this week!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Working hard and really tired

First week as a Zone Leader and I'm so tired... all the time.. 

I didn't think it was possible to be this tired... 

We've just been really busy this week.. with the meeting in Querétaro and preparing for the meeting tomorrow. Our nights kinda go like this...

9:00 get home. (except one night when we had to go with an hermano and pick up blankets for the sisters, drive to their house, run up to the 5th story, drop them off, ask how they were, run back down, drive home etc. where we got home at 930.) 

Pretty good for 30 mins huh? 

Then we have to call everyone to make sure they're home.

Plan for 40 mins 

Call everyone and take their numbers. Ask how they all are listen to problems that they have, etc. 

By the time all that"s done its like 10:40, and I still want my hour of free time so I talk with Elder O..... till 11:40-12. 

Then we wake up at 6:30 am and do it all again :)

I actually really like it though. I'ts more of an opportunity to serve people, help them out with problems they have. 

I feel like I'm starting to reach the point in my mission where I'm working the hardest. It's a different type of feeling. 

So my area and companion. 

Elder O...., from Honduras, one of my favorite companions, and actually the only one that I knew before I became companions with them. 

My area. Muy Fresa. (only Mexicans) We have like 2 malls inside of it, a really nice park in front of our house, a night club that plays songs from 9-who knows when, Thu-Sat. etc. I'ts kinda like going from the slums of NY to Donald Trump's front living room. 

But I've loved both areas. 

Alright, so notes from the conference with President. 

*bunch of stuff you wouldn't care about and then!* 

Divisions are now from 3-7 days instead of being 1. Right? So now in my area, that I already spend 30% of the time working out of, is going to now be like 50% away. 

Also there's the fact that San Miguel (Ciudad de los Gueros) is in my zone. 

Okay, to end. I was reading about Shadrach, Meschach, and the other guy, where they were in front of the king. 

The kings all like "yo, if you don't bow down to me I'm'a kill y'all" 
and everyone bowed down, but them. 
So then the guards run up and grab them and bring them to the king and the kings like, "Hey I mean it"
They still don't and they say something really interesting, in verse 17, 18. 

The "if not". Our faith shouldn't be dependent on if something happens or not. I've seen a lot of people out here that right when something hard happens in their lives, they crumble and often blame God. But for them, they had the confidence to say God's going to help us, but if not it doesn't make a difference. 

k gotta go, love you guys, take care.

Elder Arvanitas

Monday, November 10, 2014

Changes, kind of......

I done cursed myself ag´in. 

So we knew the changes were coming up again, and based on how President usually does things, there were pretty high chances of me getting changed out of here. So I started thinking about all the options, Leon, Guanajuato, Querétaro, San Miguel, Irapuato, etc. 

I realized that there's no place that I don't want to go in the mission. Every option sounded good, I just wanted to leave here.  

So we get the call
"Elder Vazquez, staying, going to train"
"Elder Arvanitas, leaving, but staying in Celaya, just the north part.." 

Guess I might as well accept that I'm finishing my mission here,  ha ha. My compañero, Elder Oliva, I was in San Juan with him. He's from Honduras. We'll be ZLs together. (For those who don't know, ZL stands for Zone Leader.  Nick will be over a zone instead of a district.  His district was 9 people.  Now he will be over about 20 -40.  It depends on the zone.  He didn't give a number.)

Oh fun fact, that Elder De Hoyos, the area president is coming next Friday

What happened this week... Worst numbers I've ever had. I think it has to do with the whole paranoia stuff, I can't work the same, changes will help though. 

I'm not sure what else to tell you guys though, more than anything, thanks. You mean everything to me. It just took me a while to realize it. 

Obviously I've got lots to change when I get back. 

I've learned more than I could imagine here in these 15 months. Sure I still suck at other things, but I'm working on that. 

Here's an interesting principle that I learned this week. 

I was reading a lot about tolerance, decisions, and about moral relativism. 

It's the idea, that there doesn't exist a right or wrong. That everyone has their own choices and consequences. Basically, the people that don't have an opinion about anything. 

I realized that for the majority of my life, my thinking was like this. 

It talked about how "these type of people seem like the most tolerant people in the world. They accept almost everything. The only thing they that don't agree with is the people against their way of thinking"

As I've been out here on my mission, I realized that I've changed a lot in this aspect. I just couldn't explain it till now. That I've suddenly started to view things as good or bad. 

It goes along with what are eternal truths. Somethings are true, always have been, and always will be regardless of opinions of people, leaders, or even entire nations. 

Where as before my mission I wouldn't care about their opinions, it's their opinions right? But now it's different. 

I don't have time to explain all this. Maybe next week.   :p   If your interested, read about it. 

Love you guys. Talk to you next week

Elder Arvanitas

Monday, November 3, 2014

Donuts and other stuff

Only 2 changes left for Sydney?!   Remember when we were all leaving and it was a big deal and 18-24 months seemed like a really long time? 

Turns out it's not. Our changes (transfers) are next week. 

A couple of weeks ago, this guy that was selling donuts came up and started to talking to us. (Juan, he might of been kind of drunk) But long story short, he needed help and felt like he should talk to us which turned into a long conversation there on the side of the dirt road. In which, it ended in him crying and telling us to go visit him. Also, free donuts :)

So we went to go visit him at house number 210. We start walking down the street...

 204 206 208 312 314 230 402. (the numbering's are ridiculous here)

So, we kept walking till the street ended and turns out 210 doesn't exist. But we felt the feeling like we should go back. 

We went back. Sure enough when we went to the spot where 210 should have been, we felt impressed to knock. 

We did. 

Turns out Juan's cousin lives there (Emilio) and in that week Juan moved back to Puebla. We're now teaching Emilio though :) 

In other news NOBODY was in their house on Halloween or Day of the Dead. Everyone just goes to the graveyards that day and they hire Mariachi bands and have picnics. So we went to Chavis house "taco stand guy" and he showed us his roosters that he sells..... for cock fights..

I'll send pictures next week. 

In bad news... dont freak out but...

We might of got robbed. 

It was just the 4 of us walking yesterday and this group of 12 guys were walking behind us, and all of a sudden we heard them running towards us so it was like freak....... 

Stopped us all and started looking through everything. No knives or anything, don't worry. But we felt like we shouldn't do anything. 

Don't worry about me getting robbed. They only took 22$ off of me.(We are guessing that Nick means pesos) They took Elder P......'s watch, and 45$.  Elder A...... hides in money in one of his suit jackets. The only problem is that he forgot it that day, and they took 220$ off of him and our phones. It was in their area.(Meaning the other elder's area) We were eating by there. We'll be extra careful this week to make sure no one is following us. 

It kind of just leaves you with a bad feeling, you know? 

But I know it'll be okay. I know there are angels all around us everyday here that protect and watch out for us. 

I wouldn't be surprised if most of these angels are family members. 

My opinion of the mission hasn't changed. I know there's no better place I could be. I love it here. 

Take care, love ya guys

Elder Arvanitas