Monday, February 23, 2015

Sometimes, there's nothing

So this week, 

Look here. You cant get mad at me because I don't write that much.. I love that you like hearing about my mission, but sometimes nothing happens. Nothing. (For the record, I didn't get mad.  I just asked for a little longer letter.)

Also sometimes stuff happens but it's not the type of stuff you write on the internet to everyone.. 

Like this one time we contacted a guy waiting for the bus, and he missed his bus, so he told us he was going to walk to another bus stop and asked if we would explain more to him. 

So we walked with him and talked. 

Then he was like here let's go down this sketchy street to go to the "bus stop" 

No thanks I'd rather not get shanked today.

We said we were late and walked away. 

Nevertheless, for this week I was in divisions with Elder Trumpet from Tuesday till Saturday. 

Mango season is starting... 

I ate about 23 mangos in 3 days. Life's good. 

There was nothing that really stuck out there. It was a lot of time just walking around, looking for new people. 

There's no real strategy to finding new people.. You cant lay bear traps or hang up nets in the trees or anything. You just have to be spiritual enough, and trust that the people come to you. 

We must of walked around for 4 hours one day and we found nobody. (The sun is coming out now too.) 

and there's nothing. 

So we sit on the side of the road. 

and we pray to find somebody. 

two twos, a taxi pulls up right in front of us and yells "elders" 

It's crazy how fast prayers are answered sometimes, 

I just wanted to end this letter with my simple testimony. 

Yo sé sin duda que Dios nos conoce perfectamente en esta vida. Quiere nuestro felicidad. Por esto mandó su hijo. Quien sufrio para que nosotros no tengamos que sufrir. Nunca. 

Amo esta evangelio. 

Amo ustedes, 

Nos vemos pronto,


(google translate version:I know without a doubt that God knows us perfectly in this life. Wants our happiness. Thus he sent his son . Who suffered for us we will not suffer. Never.

I love this gospel.

I love you,

See you soon ,)
The steak that killed him

Spanish study time


Tic, Tacs, I told you it was a real problem

Water Tower

Monday, February 16, 2015

Could be the shortest letter yet.

Okay I was talking with my companion and literally nothing new happened this week... 

Life just keeps going on here in Celaya. 

(There's no SD port in my computer so I can't send pictures.) 

Tell the activity day girls,  thanks for the package. 

I like how every time you eat tic-tacs, 2 of them try and hide from you by being wedged together at the top.. 

Nothing gets past me, tic-tacs. 

Upcoming this week..... Divisions with Elder Trumpet from Tues-Sat. That means lots of yummy food :) 

I've been home for so long. 

This week I surpass Syd with days in the mission.. Fun thought. 

My mission has gone by fairly fast though. I can't complain. It's been fun, I've learned lots. 

K talk to you next week. 


Nick's companion's mom shared this with me.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feeling Better

Alright, my spirits are a little better this week. It's probably over 9000.(You have to be a Naruto watcher to get this statement.) 

Just another week of walking around and being in meetings though. 

On the bright side, this hermano took us to get these delicious sandwiches and to talk. (It was a little bit of a relief because the menu lately has been lukewarm posole and wet chicharron) 

Superman to Kryptonite is <= Elder Arvanitas to Chicharron in Salsa

We're accomplishing "mission" reactivate mission leader. 
Hes kind of inactive, and doesn't do anything. So we talked to him last Sunday  and we set an appointment for Sat. 

And he came! 

... The only problem is that he just wanted to come to practice his Amway presentation... for almost 2 hours.. It was a little ridiculous, but we'll keep working with him. 

This guy came up and started contacting us this week. He had a bottle of Coke inside a grocery bag. 

He stated 6 times that "This isn't beer... its refresco." 

It's my new logo.

I had a meeting with President. We talked a lot about the Sermon on the Mount. I didn't realize how powerful it was. In particular, I liked verse 6.

"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy" 

You know how sometimes with members or friends or leaders in the church, if someone makes a mistake or doesn't do his job, its like "off with his head". 

But, we should be merciful, and forgive people and see them for their potential, always. Because it's by grace that we are made perfect .

As far as investigadors, we're working on it. There's not enough time in the day to accomplish everything we need to do. But they're progressing. 

That's all, 


Monday, February 2, 2015

Forgotten in Mexico

Well now that the prodigal child is home we'll see how long you guys remember about your other kid here in Mexico. 

I bet you'll be too busy going to the Movies. (when Nick wrote, he asked me for something and I said I couldn't send it right away because we were at the Movies)

In case you care, your child (not the consented Korean one) was sick this week. It started Tuesday and lasted until Sunday.  (Nick got a parasite from a steak he bought) 

As far as changes go, I'll be holdin´ down the fort here in Cela-york for another 6 weeks... It'll go by fast with Elder Aposhian. 

We have another Consejo for Zone Leaders this Thursday

So just one thing I'm noticing. For my entire mission, I've been in areas for 3 changes(transfers) (with the exception of San Juan del Rio, the desert of my afflicions, when I was there for 6 months.) 

After this change I only have 3 more left.  So my next area will probably be my last. (5$ says its another area in Celaya) 

I swear I have a curse that doesn't let me leave here. 

... ... As far as missionary work.. it's a goin`. 

The Guayaba ice cream is the best. pictures

More next week. Bye