Monday, February 2, 2015

Forgotten in Mexico

Well now that the prodigal child is home we'll see how long you guys remember about your other kid here in Mexico. 

I bet you'll be too busy going to the Movies. (when Nick wrote, he asked me for something and I said I couldn't send it right away because we were at the Movies)

In case you care, your child (not the consented Korean one) was sick this week. It started Tuesday and lasted until Sunday.  (Nick got a parasite from a steak he bought) 

As far as changes go, I'll be holdin´ down the fort here in Cela-york for another 6 weeks... It'll go by fast with Elder Aposhian. 

We have another Consejo for Zone Leaders this Thursday

So just one thing I'm noticing. For my entire mission, I've been in areas for 3 changes(transfers) (with the exception of San Juan del Rio, the desert of my afflicions, when I was there for 6 months.) 

After this change I only have 3 more left.  So my next area will probably be my last. (5$ says its another area in Celaya) 

I swear I have a curse that doesn't let me leave here. 

... ... As far as missionary work.. it's a goin`. 

The Guayaba ice cream is the best. pictures

More next week. Bye 

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