Monday, February 16, 2015

Could be the shortest letter yet.

Okay I was talking with my companion and literally nothing new happened this week... 

Life just keeps going on here in Celaya. 

(There's no SD port in my computer so I can't send pictures.) 

Tell the activity day girls,  thanks for the package. 

I like how every time you eat tic-tacs, 2 of them try and hide from you by being wedged together at the top.. 

Nothing gets past me, tic-tacs. 

Upcoming this week..... Divisions with Elder Trumpet from Tues-Sat. That means lots of yummy food :) 

I've been home for so long. 

This week I surpass Syd with days in the mission.. Fun thought. 

My mission has gone by fairly fast though. I can't complain. It's been fun, I've learned lots. 

K talk to you next week. 


Nick's companion's mom shared this with me.  

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