Monday, November 24, 2014

Kind of a letter, more of a note

Hey guys,
This week was just a lot of wearing a suit and being in meetings, talking about the mission, what things we can use or change. how to be better etc etc. (Nick bought a new suit, looking sharp)
Ate in a sketchy highway pull off buffet. Yummm :)
Other than that though, I really have nothing to talk about I'll find something for next week. 

Something interesting that the 70 talked about. That on the other side it's the same organization as here. Mission presidents, areas, missionaries. What I learned though fue que todos los misioneros alla son bien muertos, no bautizan a nadie... (Basically, this means that in heaven they've passed and so there are no baptisms)
That's about it though. Take care! 

Also tell grandma I said Happy Birthday! Only a week late

It was a bit of a reunion for Nick this week!

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