Monday, November 17, 2014

Working hard and really tired

First week as a Zone Leader and I'm so tired... all the time.. 

I didn't think it was possible to be this tired... 

We've just been really busy this week.. with the meeting in Querétaro and preparing for the meeting tomorrow. Our nights kinda go like this...

9:00 get home. (except one night when we had to go with an hermano and pick up blankets for the sisters, drive to their house, run up to the 5th story, drop them off, ask how they were, run back down, drive home etc. where we got home at 930.) 

Pretty good for 30 mins huh? 

Then we have to call everyone to make sure they're home.

Plan for 40 mins 

Call everyone and take their numbers. Ask how they all are listen to problems that they have, etc. 

By the time all that"s done its like 10:40, and I still want my hour of free time so I talk with Elder O..... till 11:40-12. 

Then we wake up at 6:30 am and do it all again :)

I actually really like it though. I'ts more of an opportunity to serve people, help them out with problems they have. 

I feel like I'm starting to reach the point in my mission where I'm working the hardest. It's a different type of feeling. 

So my area and companion. 

Elder O...., from Honduras, one of my favorite companions, and actually the only one that I knew before I became companions with them. 

My area. Muy Fresa. (only Mexicans) We have like 2 malls inside of it, a really nice park in front of our house, a night club that plays songs from 9-who knows when, Thu-Sat. etc. I'ts kinda like going from the slums of NY to Donald Trump's front living room. 

But I've loved both areas. 

Alright, so notes from the conference with President. 

*bunch of stuff you wouldn't care about and then!* 

Divisions are now from 3-7 days instead of being 1. Right? So now in my area, that I already spend 30% of the time working out of, is going to now be like 50% away. 

Also there's the fact that San Miguel (Ciudad de los Gueros) is in my zone. 

Okay, to end. I was reading about Shadrach, Meschach, and the other guy, where they were in front of the king. 

The kings all like "yo, if you don't bow down to me I'm'a kill y'all" 
and everyone bowed down, but them. 
So then the guards run up and grab them and bring them to the king and the kings like, "Hey I mean it"
They still don't and they say something really interesting, in verse 17, 18. 

The "if not". Our faith shouldn't be dependent on if something happens or not. I've seen a lot of people out here that right when something hard happens in their lives, they crumble and often blame God. But for them, they had the confidence to say God's going to help us, but if not it doesn't make a difference. 

k gotta go, love you guys, take care.

Elder Arvanitas

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