Monday, November 3, 2014

Donuts and other stuff

Only 2 changes left for Sydney?!   Remember when we were all leaving and it was a big deal and 18-24 months seemed like a really long time? 

Turns out it's not. Our changes (transfers) are next week. 

A couple of weeks ago, this guy that was selling donuts came up and started to talking to us. (Juan, he might of been kind of drunk) But long story short, he needed help and felt like he should talk to us which turned into a long conversation there on the side of the dirt road. In which, it ended in him crying and telling us to go visit him. Also, free donuts :)

So we went to go visit him at house number 210. We start walking down the street...

 204 206 208 312 314 230 402. (the numbering's are ridiculous here)

So, we kept walking till the street ended and turns out 210 doesn't exist. But we felt the feeling like we should go back. 

We went back. Sure enough when we went to the spot where 210 should have been, we felt impressed to knock. 

We did. 

Turns out Juan's cousin lives there (Emilio) and in that week Juan moved back to Puebla. We're now teaching Emilio though :) 

In other news NOBODY was in their house on Halloween or Day of the Dead. Everyone just goes to the graveyards that day and they hire Mariachi bands and have picnics. So we went to Chavis house "taco stand guy" and he showed us his roosters that he sells..... for cock fights..

I'll send pictures next week. 

In bad news... dont freak out but...

We might of got robbed. 

It was just the 4 of us walking yesterday and this group of 12 guys were walking behind us, and all of a sudden we heard them running towards us so it was like freak....... 

Stopped us all and started looking through everything. No knives or anything, don't worry. But we felt like we shouldn't do anything. 

Don't worry about me getting robbed. They only took 22$ off of me.(We are guessing that Nick means pesos) They took Elder P......'s watch, and 45$.  Elder A...... hides in money in one of his suit jackets. The only problem is that he forgot it that day, and they took 220$ off of him and our phones. It was in their area.(Meaning the other elder's area) We were eating by there. We'll be extra careful this week to make sure no one is following us. 

It kind of just leaves you with a bad feeling, you know? 

But I know it'll be okay. I know there are angels all around us everyday here that protect and watch out for us. 

I wouldn't be surprised if most of these angels are family members. 

My opinion of the mission hasn't changed. I know there's no better place I could be. I love it here. 

Take care, love ya guys

Elder Arvanitas

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