Monday, October 27, 2014

Off to the Hospital again

Hey family, 

So Elder P......'s doing well. It was just a ganglio... I don't know what a ganglio is though. 

ALSO... turns out Elder A...... (P.......'s comp.) has a hernia. So we went to the hospital for another 3 hours to go get him examined. But it's all good now. (Nick was really late writing again today)  

Que pasó esta semana... 

another week of a whole lot of nada. 

Forgot to tell you that I saw a dead guy in the street last week. Just chillin´ there with a blanket over him so he doesn't get cold with all the police sitting there looking at him. 

No, but really it was just... weird. We were walking down the highway and we saw the police up ahead. 

"Ahh maybe someone crashed" 
keep walking... look to the left, "Is that what I think it is?" 
"Oh okay."
Keep walking 

...what to write about when you have nothing to write about... 

Rode in an elevator for the first time in a year. So that was exciting

Ate 7 donuts in 2 days. They were pretty good. 

Gave a drunk guy a hug. 

Had Carne Asada with rich people

We cleaned out a chicken coop of this guy that sells tacos by the church.   Caught a chicken by chasing it around with my hands. Found lots of Black Widows. 

Whats really going on in our area. Right now were just trying to work more with the members. Here's something I wrote down at the beginning of my mission. 

"Every external problem is repaired by being fixed internally"

With the mission we've set all these goals that are pretty high, and we've been working to accomplish them for about... 6 months now. 

The problem is no one's reached them in those 6 months. So it's been a lot of analyzing, meetings, and talking to see what we can do better. 

Frankly our ward is kind of a mess. You can't help put other people together if your not put together yourself. So we just want to motivate them to be better, be more responsible, and help out with every organization so that everything works well.  So when people join the church, they don't just fall away. 

In other news we have a meeting with President this Thursday with interviews. So we'll see how that goes. 

Tell Maddie I said happy birthday! and that I miss her. 

Love you all, 

Elder Arvanitas

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