Monday, October 6, 2014

The feeling of home

The worst week for numbers ever. We had a total of 8 lessons, we tried I promise. 

But it had a lot to do with the fact that I went for my visa! Turns out I'm not illegal anymore. 

That was Thursday. Woke up at 5:40 a.m., hopped in a cold shower (we're running out of gas), got to the bus station at 6:15, and found Elder G........ there! (He was in Nick's MTC district)I haven´t seen him since the last time that I went for my visa, over a year ago... 

I met up with the rest of the people in my group in the MTC (we started out with 8, we're down to 4.. Elder C.... was the most recent to go home,( tore his ACL, I didn't see him my entire mission) 

But  after our visas I didn't have anyone to go to Celaya with because they were all in the meeting with president for Zone Leaders. So I stayed. 

Not much to talk about there, just a lot of information. 

We got on our bus at like 7:30 at night, when it was pitch black outside, with lightning bolts falling all around. 

Stayed up talking to Elder O.... and Elder G........ (one is from Honduras, the other, Argentina) about their missions, just everything that's happened and what it's like in their countries. 

It was one of those moments where it was like, this would've never happened if I didn't come here. 

There's so many moments like that here.  Everyday something new happens. 

It's going to be weird coming home, no music playing out of cars, selling bread, or not seeing dog poop everywhere you walk from stray dogs. 

In a strange way I'm gonna miss it. 

I don't know.   Going back to Queretaro Jueves, while we were in the taxi leaving the central, this feeling just hit me really strongly. 

It was like going home. 

To see the aquaducts, the colored houses, the hills, everything. 

And then the thought hit me that it really was my home, to see my mission president and his family, they really are my family. 

Everyone that I've met here in Mexico has been so good to me (well besides the occasional guy that comes up and yells at me) 

But after more than a year here, I cant imagine life being different. Everything just feels natural now ,eating tortillas with everything, watery salad, chicken with hairs still in it. 

Except for cold showers,  I still hate that. 

(I asked Nick if he got to watch General Conference)Well kind of, we listened to it, I couldn't focus that much. It was good though.  We listened to it all in Spanish.  

But ya, it was an alright week. 

love you bye
Elder Arvanitas
Nick and the Elders in his Ward

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