Monday, September 29, 2014

Another transfer and I'm staying.

Nick tried to send pictures this week but it didn't week.  Hopefully, we'll get some next week.  

Hey so my transfers are a week after everyone else. (Meaning his sister)

Here's about what's happening, 

Elder W...... is leaving, going to his house
Elder T............ arrives

Elder G....... leaving after one transfer here, 
Elder A....... from L.A arrives

Sis. V........ leaves, 
An American sister arrives.   Sister T.........

But I guess we'll see, I've never heard of this girl before. 

I stay with my companion to finish off his training. 

Here are our plans this week. 

Tuesday, wait for new missionaries. Lose half the day with the meeting and the other half studying. 

Wednesday-Friday, normal. 
Saturday- General Conference, go to a buffet, more General Conference, ice cream maybe, more General Conference. 
Sunday- Go to Hermana Rubios house, make pancakes, General Conference, eat hamburgers, General Conference. Weekly planning. 

and yay, Monday again! 

I'll let you know if anything exciting happens from Wed-Fri. 

My budget this month 

500pesos-50 cans of canned tuna 
200pesos-tortas y tacos
100pesos-rolls (i found real rolls in Mexico... they're just a little dry)
200pesos-materials (pens, notebooks)
100pesos- internet for the month

We'll see how it works out because every time I get money it disappears magically in 10 days.

And don't say anything about the muñelocos. It's for the children :) (I'd like to know for what children.)

That's all I've got. Stuff happens but it's the same everyday, but I like it. 

Take care, love you

Elder Arvanitas

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