Monday, September 8, 2014

Praying to be better

Dear family, 

I have no idea what happened this week. All of our plans cancelled. I don't have pictures cause Celaya's scary. I'll let you know how it goes with my visa next week. 

The End. 

K maybe I have something to tell you. 

So I've just been thinking a lot about that family I told you about last week. Actually all the people I've met in my entire mission. 

There's been a lot of situations like that that are... well hard. 

I found myself reading the talk by President Eyring called Mountains to Climb. It talked about the trials in our lives that we face. But this time that I read it, one part stuck out to me that hadn't before, where he mentioned that he prayed to have harder trials in his life so that he could be a better person. 

So I decided to do the same thing that night, and told my district about it the next day, and invited them each to do the same thing... 

Out of every single meeting I've been in, in the past year here, that was the most powerful one. It ended with everyone crying. 

I know that trials in our lives will come that will make us think "Why? When I've done everything right, why me?" 

But I also know, that God knows us each individually, and that nothing will ever happen to us that we can't overcome.  

I love you all. 

Elder Arvanitas

P.S.  I had a guy pull out a razor blade to cut my sideburns today. Takin' in back to the 1950s.   Also, Happy Independence Day for Mexico! 

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