Monday, September 1, 2014

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Awkward moments in my mission

1.  We were walking around Celaya and we found this one guy that was less active and blind. So we talked to him for a little while till he eventually told us he really didn't want anything at that moment. To which I replied "Okay so if we're close to your house again we'll stop by and say hi, Nos Vemos"

Meaning "We'll see each other again" 

My companion turns to me.. "bad choice of words"

2.  It's about the same when this old grandma told us she couldn't read, and at the end of the lesson I left a card and asked her to read what I wrote... 

3.  One time I bought the most delicious liter of coconut water. I drank the whole thing in 10 mins. I thought I wanted more. So, I bought another one. 
I drank that one too, but struggled to finish it. 
Then we went to eat. 
I went to the bathroom and threw up, but I coughed and an entire salad and 2L of coconut water came out my nose... 

4.  This lady told us that her dog got hit by a car and was having surgery, I had just started my mission and didn't understand so I thought she said it died. I'm pretty sure I told her not to worry cause she would see her dog again in heaven. She might of started crying harder. 

5.  Saying hi to people that you think you know but actually you don't know in the street. Lots of long awkward silences. 

Tianguis stores 

Today we found a tianguis store for military stuff. I can buy a military grade camelpak for 50$ and boots and stuff. 

Jerseys - 20$- 30$
Toms -8$
Sunglasses (ray bans, Oakleys, DG) 4$

Metal store- the weirdest store I've found in all of Mexico. It had a giant buffalo head, bottles full of swords to kill dragons, Giant Indian Axes. It was like if you pillaged the houses of all the rich Mexican grandmas, in all of Mexico, it would be in this store. 

But on the other hand we had one of the most difficult lessons this week. 

We were sitting with this family and this mom just burst into tears. About 3 months ago, people broke into her house and killed her husband right in front of her and her 2 daughters.   She told us, "We were trying to do everything right, why does God let things like this happen" 

We talked to her, bore our testimonies that God knows each one of us and that he loves us. That sometimes the choices of others effect our lives but that God never promised this life would be easy. But, he did promise us that we could be together forever with our families. 

It was really special. It's moments like these that remind me why I'm here, and how much of a blessing it is to help these people. 

Elder Arvanitas

Elder W......., Elder V......., Elder V...... (Nick's new companion) with a giant flag Nick bought

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