Monday, August 25, 2014

New Companion


Mi compañero! 

Elder Vazquez. from Cancún! 

Imagine how our first conversation went.

"Hey how's it going!"
"fine fine "
"Where are you from?"
"Cancun "
"what....  you mean the place with the pyramids and the really clear water?"
"... So can you like hook me up with a cheap vacation. "
"no for the gueros (white people) everything's like twice as much. Unless you have a license that says your from Cancun. "

But hey, free housing :p 

He's a good kid though. He works hard. We teach well together. It's a change, but it's not a bad change 

So what else happened this week. 

Our numbers are the lowest they've ever been in all my mission, for lessons.
But, we're finding people, and actually we have a baptism of a little girl this next week. 

As far as scary mexico stuff. 

This hermana told us this guy offered 3k pesos to her maid for the key to her house. 

Her maid replied "no"
The guy replied "You're going to pay for this"

The other night we were writing in our journals all tranquillo when we hear a sound outside. 

My comp says "you know what that is?" 

Don't worry I'll be safe and not go where all the cholos are at night. 

In other news we got a call from our dueña the other day and she was like hey, " It turns out it's a secret that I'm renting the house to you guys so you need to make it look like no one lives there by Tuesday when the judge comes to inspect it, and then Tuesday night you can move all your stuff back in."

Que bueno. Love you guys. I'll talk to you soon. bye! 

Elder Arvanitas

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