Monday, August 11, 2014

Drugs and Laundry

Okay so this week, 

Yeah things are getting better, I think. Besides the fact that we reported 1 person in teaching. There are some days where we plan and I literally have no idea what to do. But were gonna work on that this week. 

So just a few random things......

People on Drugs: 

I'm pretty sure its illegal to be drunk or on drugs in public here but the police, in general, don't do anything. (and if they do, you just bribe them 200 pesos (like 16$) and they don't do anything) 

Anyway, so we see like the same 5 everyday. There's the guy in his window that lives on Cerro Prieto that always yells broken English at me asking me for a bible. 

There's the bike guy that once went to the states until he got picked up and shipped back down here for being illegal. 

And like the same three that follow us around every time we walk through Ejidal. They walk past us, turn around and stare at us for about a minute, then start following us. But we just walk fast (who said the turtle always beats the hare?) 

How I washed my clothes today 

So first you have to separate all of the whites and the darks, that's pretty normal. 

Then you fill this washer that's upright with water from the hose and soap and throw all the clothes in. 

It spins around for like 20 mins. 

In that time you fill up 2 really large tubs full of water. 

When the clothes are done, you take them out one by one and squeeze them to drain the soap water.  Then, throw them in the regular tub of water. Then one by one you have to take them out of the regular water, squeeze them again, and throw them into a spiny thing to get rid of excess water. 

(I'm not sure the real name, just that it spins really fast for 3 mins) 

Then you take your clothes out of that (it takes like 4 loads) and hang them up on a clothes line. It takes about an hour and a half, but it's fun 

And as far as other experiences. 

Randomly showed up at this lady's house that was contemplating suicide, so we're working with her :) 

Gave a talk in church (I give one once a month) about how God always sees us for our potential and not who we are in this moment.

This lady took us out for tacos de Sirloin steak. 

F........, 22 year old that had a bunch of doubts is a lot better and we're working with him again. 

Bought some more sock ties. 

Went to a Comic restaurant for the birthday of my companion. 

And that's it! 

Elder Arvanitas

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