Monday, August 18, 2014

Worst Activity and more changes

I think I took up a lot of time by sending loads of pictures of his cousins wedding.  I think he's also been really busy today and didn't have a lot of time to write.  

I'm probably just gonna send pictures but this is what happened this week. 

The worst activity ever 

We thought it would be fun to have an activity... (there was the first mistake..) 

So we planned everything to start at 5, turns out the other ward had a baptism at 5 with an 80 year old lady that lasted more than an hour and a half!... (Gracias Vergel)

We ended up starting at 6 in a different room with 13 people in hopes that more would show up later on.. Nope, must of forgotten we're in Celaya. Those were the only people that came out of our ward of 135 people.. 

But that's okay. 

That was the highlight of my week. 

As far as changes go, Elder Florez, Percino (my comp), Santiago, and Hermana Green are leaving. 

Elder Galdamez comes (love this kid, he was with me in San Juan, his house is like the "promised land" with waterfalls and toucans and stuff) 

And I'm going to go train tomorrow (have to wake up at like 5:50 :(  ) and as District Leader. (Nick's nonchalant way of telling us that he's being made District Leader and I think he's training.  It's not very clear. )

So well see how that goes, 

Love you guys 


Elder Florez playing some pool

Elder Florez in the zone

I'm guessing this is the activity that didn't really work out. ha ha   Nick looks thrilled. 

This is a mold for a "Lion King" mask.  I think it's Thimon. 

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