Monday, August 4, 2014

Almost my year mark

Well another week of walking all over just to have all our appointments fall through.   :p (not to be a downer or anything...)

This area's just been hard lately. (It wouldn't be fun if it was easy though)

This week I was thinking about all the missionaries in the United States with their cars and ipads and everything. Every time they go to a place and no one is there, it must be like "Dang, now we have to get back into our air conditioned cars and drive another 5 minutes..." 

Meanwhile for us, it means walking for another 20 mins in the sun, kicking rocks, bottle caps, used limes,and trash along the dirt streets whenever you're bored.. 

But I guess every where you go has its own difficulties. 

Lets see, this week, here are our 5 investigators, 

F........, he's about 21. About 6 years ago, he was diagnosed with kidney failure, and also some rare blood disease where he has huge bulges coming out of his arm. Last week he called us after he got back from the hospital and told us that he's going to die soon and wants to be baptized. We had it planned for this week but he's not ready, so we're working with him. Only that is hard cause every time we go, he's sleeping because he doesn't feel well. 

A....... and her daughter. Shes this really old grandma that lives in this really ghetto part of our area, and doesn't have enough money for a door for her house. It's just a big wooden plank in front. I guess it works though. We're teaching her, it's just the fact she's never home when we go. And she lives in the middle of nowhere... 

G........, she's just this lady that sells ice cream on the side of the street that we talk to. We'll probably have to drop her this week cause she only views us as friends and prospects for her daughter. (One of the most awkward conversations I've had here in my mission..)

But a miracle happened this week. We've had this one guy that's gone to church for about 6 months now, but refuses to get baptized because he was once a pastor  for the Cristiano church and he's just really prideful about all of his knowledge. But, out of nowhere he called us and was like "I've decided it's time."  It was special. 

Really what I've learned out here in Celaya is, if we just do what we're supposed to do, and be patient and believe that something will happen... 1 of 2 things will happen. 

1. Nothing, but you just have to take it as a learning experience and learn to be more patient. You'll know you've done your part because you'll feel content with yourself. 


2. Something and it just motivates you to be even better. 

I don't know. I feel like with having been out a year and everything, this has definitely been the most important year of my life. I feel like I've changed so much. 

I don't regret anything. I love it here. Everything about it. (except for when you hear about people being assaulted with knifes, and there's the fact that every day the newspaper comes out with more dead people being found somewhere near me ;p that's not always awesome) 

But I've come to realize that I know that there is no place better that I could be in all the world, that to be here in Celaya, in this moment,  in Quer√©taro and Guanajuato for these 2 years....... 

it's just special.

Con mucho Amor, 

Elder Arvanitas

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