Monday, July 28, 2014

Finding people

Okay, so I went to Costco for the first time in like.... 7 months the other day and since when do they have BBQ pulled pork sandwiches?!  I feel like I've been gone too long. 

But about what's going on here... 

Since I've got to Celaya the area's just been kinda... dead.   We had like 5 investigadores, and almost all of them we were going to drop in these weeks. 

So naturally the instinct was (FIND PEOPLE). So we asked for lists and for names and for numbers.. anything. We went through the lists of people and must of knocked on at least 100 houses, of addresses we had of people that were members once but stopped going, only to find out that they moved away 6 years ago and no one (in these 6 years) thought it would be smart to take them off of the lists that they gave to us.

It's been a little bit, well just hard. Cause even after all that,.. like 30 hours of work we ended up finding 1 person.. 

And that leads up to about Thursday of this past week. We ended up having a conference with all the missionaries in Celaya and the president of our mission. 

 The only thing that really stuck out was that... 

We often live in compartments, and only focus one one thing at a time. when we get back to the house, Sleep/Relax mode. 

When we wake up, shower mode, then breakfast mode.

 When were walking in the street, talking to people mode. 

Eat mode, then food coma mode. 

And then spiritual mode, which is all in slow motion with an all boys soprano choir in the background. (at least that's how I imagine it) 

But it shouldn't be like that.  We need to learn how to multi task, and be the same person in all situations, so that we can always be guided divinely to people who are ready. 

So we did that. and... it worked! So hay va. Poco a poco. 

And that's basically all that happened this week. We're still working on finding people and all that but it's a lot better. :) More stories next week. Hope you enjoy the pictures

Elder Arvanitas

Nick met a guy who makes masks.  He made all the masks for the Lion King show there.    

Elder P......

Elder P...... and Elder Arvanitas

Cute little 3 wheeled delivery truck

Burned his tie trying to get a stain out.  So, he cut it off and fixed it.  

Playing the Mexico version of Clue

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