Monday, July 14, 2014

Another week of lists

So since I'm running out of time I thought I might just continue on with my list of things about Mexico.... 

Streets with the same number/ without a name

It honestly doesn't make any sense here. We went to go to our food appointment Sunday.  We show up at the house 110, and this really dirty man walks out with a cigarette. So were like
"Is this the house 110 on this street?"
"Yep, but there's another one at the end of the street"

So we start walking 110, 112, 114, 116, we get to like number 130 and it just starts over at 110 again... of course that was the house we wanted.

Also there's the colonies that don't have street names so you get references like you have to go to the big store in the middle, then find the tree, and its the 7th house on the left with a stump. It's ridiculous. 

Driving commercials 

The cars just drive around blasting commercials with speakers on top of their cars selling everything from fruit to gas to T.V service. It's never quiet. 

Street Sweeping 

The people here throw water in front of their house and proceed to take out a broom and "sweep the street". After a year, I still don't get it. 

Chile and Lime theory 

If anything tastes bad just put some chile powder and lime on it. 

Also FACT, in Mexico there's Limones and Limas. Limones mean limes and I'm still not sure what the word for Lemon is or what Limas are. 

Bus Clowns 

Sometimes creepy clowns hop on the bus and start doing an act. When I was on a bus once in Queretaro this one clown hopped on and took out what must of been the filthiest Elmo puppet ever and started to talk. Elmo must have been doing some pretty hard drugs that day. 

Cold Showers 

We store all our gas for the house in tanks that you have to fill up. So as you can imagine sometimes they run out and you're stuck with taking cold showers in the mornings (like today). Every morning it feels like I take a sea plane to Alaska and chip out a circle of ice in a lake to just hop in and back out. It's the about worst thing in the world.


As for Celaya, I love it here. It feels more like how I imagined Mexico. It's so much fun. 

Sidenote- As for pictures I haven't been carrying around my camera that much. People that were in my area a couple months ago got robbed with knives and they took their backpacks with all their stuff. I'm just hoping to get robbed on a day where I don't carry that much. (Nick says his new companion was robbed recently and when Nick got there last week, he didn't have any food.  Nick apologized for spending money.  Ummm.... I don't think so Nick, it's there to use.)

But just a few things. 

-I bought my first pair of TOMS! They were 13$. For the girls they're only 10 :p 
-There's a mariachi band that plays outside our window every single night. One day I'm going to throw rocks at them. 
-We did service for this lady that had 5 sets of encyclopedias... I'm not sure if she's discovered that wikipedia exists. 

I'll name more next week. Love all of you guys. Take care 

Elder Arvanitas

He quickly told us his companions name before he signed off but not where he's from or anything.  From his name,  I think he is another native speaker.  I think that helps Nick to keep up his Spanish.  

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