Monday, July 7, 2014

Leaving San Juan del Rio

Well the changes came and.... I'm out. Going to Constituyentes Celaya! 

Funny story about it though. So Friday night we were getting anxious about our changes to see if we should start saying goodbye to people or not. So we casually called our assistant and casually asked if we were going to see him at the next meeting. 

So he was like,  fine I'll check, but don't tell anyone cause I don't want to get in trouble (meanwhile I'm telling all of you...) 

"Elder M....., hes gonna stay and train, Elder Arvanitas he's going to go to Guanajuato, Guanajuato. But it could change"

So I was thinking of like famous mummies, giant churches, and lots of hills. And I kid you not, the words came out of my mouth, "I'm just glad it's not Celaya."
I imagine Celaya as kind of the poopy area of the mission. 

And I believe it was in that moment exactly, that my words changed the pattern of the air waves and a change happened in the universe, and well,  president changed his mind in 48 hours and I'm off to Celaya. 

I cursed myself.... 

But that's okay, I know its where I need to go and we'll see what happens. (also there's the fact that my companion now gets to take my place in Guanajuato...) Nick says that sister missionaries are moving into their places in San Juan del Rio

On the other hand,  for our last week we found this awesome guy. Hes a graffitero. 

Fun facts about Graffiti. As he explained it to me "when your born, your parents get to choose your name and who you are. But when you (start to graffiti? graffiti-ing?) you choose your own name, and who you want to be. Then you try and spray paint that name in as many different ways possible, every time a new way, trying to become recognized and having your name be known" 

And he said this all in English too! He lived in the states when he was 13 until he was 19. Only the first time he graffiti-ed a building over there, the police found him and he spent the night in jail. 

United States is no fun, I know. 

But he told us that he wants to change. We asked him what he thought about God, and hes like "To be honest I don't know him, but I want to." 

Just a really humble guy. I'm so happy that I got to meet him right before I leave. 

What else.. 

I started making a list of things I'm going to miss in Mexico. I forgot my list.. but here are a few things.. 

-cheap meds 
-stray dogs / dogs on the roofs 
-hallway houses 
-bus races 
-bonice people 
-random clowns on buses 
-the fact that "copyright" doesn't exist down here (I've been to the Candy Crush store, Pizza Planet, etc.)

That's about it. Longer explanation on that next week. 

Love you guys! 

Elder Arvanitas

Dead cat, ´merica  Happy 4th of July!

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