Monday, July 21, 2014

Tacos and Fireworks

Que hice esta semana....
Guess i should just start with the basics.
So my companion. Elder P.......
He's one of my favorite companions for sure. He's from Puebla,  from a city that has 365 iglesias catolicos. So there's a party everyday there where they walk around carrying different saints and shooting off fireworks. 

Speaking of that, they started doing that here and now I cant sleep -_-.   Also the fireworks scare the heck out of me cause they always light them off right by our house, or while we're teaching a lesson and they sound like bombs going off.
The fireworks are a little more ghetto here. I bought half a stick of dynamite for $1.50. (No i never lit it, I ended up leaving in it one of my old houses for someone else to blow off their fingers)
But I realized, I'm getting old here. Almost an entire year out here in Mexico.

I still remember my first day here when public buses were a nightmare, and buying stuff in stores was worse.
When eating tacos meant an entire night in the bathroom, and every time we ran out of gas, I cried.
But it's cool to see how much I've changed in this year. Now I realize how much more fun bus rides are when you're speeding down a hill made out of rocks at 60 mph ,or when you fit 6 people in a taxi, not counting the driver.
Also the awkward moments when you talk to someone that's completely crazy or you can't understand them at all because they don't have any teeth and you just end up laughing right in front of them.
Also about the tacos and gas, I can pound tacos now, and every time we run out of gas it's kinda like "Eh I don't have money right now, we can wait like a week" 
But also spiritually. I've met a lot of awesome people out here. People that I'll always remember. 
I promise an experience in my next letter :p 

But,  I'm out of time and I can't send pictures cause my computer's kinda garbage. 
Also thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa for the birthday gifts and cards (both sides) 

Take care, love you all.
Elder Arvanitas

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