Monday, September 15, 2014

One Year in Mexico

Happy Mexican Independence day! 

Yeah pretty much everyone is gone this week. San Miguel de Allende is right by us...(I think this is a big vacation area) 


...well, tomorrow.... 

But I honestly never thought I would get this far. It just seemed so far away when I first got here, but now looking back it's all gone by so fast. 

Yesterday I decided to read all my letters that I've gotten from all of you in my entire mission. I felt like a little girl who just had her first breakup, reading letters from her ex boyfriend while eating a tub of ice cream. 

Only instead of ice cream it was Toronja water (I don't know what Toronja is).(It's grapefruit, Nick.  Maybe he should ask.) And the fact that all the letters I read were from Christmas time... and the fact I was wearing hammer time pants with cheetah pockets (yes I have those :p) 

 (Brother Long told me to get a real job on my card....)

But speaking of that, tell everyone to write me a letter. But a nice handwritten letter. My address is this... 

Elder Nick Arvanitas
Oficina de la mision 
Ave. Pie de la cuesta no. 102
Esq. Bouldevard Desarolla San Pablo 
Colona Colinas de San Pablo, Queretaro 
Queretaro, C.P 76125

But what else. Things I've learned how to do in 1 year in Mexico.. 

1. Take public transportation. Let me tell you there's nothing worse than rubbing up against 2 chubby, sweaty ladies on a little tiny bus in Queretaro. 

2. Cook? Nope still haven't learned that one.

3. Sew. I mean half the time it looks like the Korean alphabet, but it works :) 


Maybe I've learned less  than I thought..

Spiritual experience... 

I was reading this one talk yesterday. It talked about how the work that I'm, well we're doing out here is not really our work. It's God's work. I feel like for most of my mission I've been worried about so many things that happen or don't happen. 

But I kinda realized if God wants something to happen, a person to be taught, etc. etc. it's going to happen with or without me. All that he asks is that we be worthy and willing to do what he says when he says it. 

And when you think of it that way, it all changes. And I feel a lot less stressed. So that's good. 

That is all I got.... I'll send pictures next week, my camera is messed up and doesn't work with uploading so I'll figure that out next week. Love you guys. See you soon

Elder Arvanitas

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