Monday, October 20, 2014

A letter in 3 parts

Nick's letter came early today and it came in 3 parts throughout the day.  Sounds like it was a busy day.  

Hey I'm not sure if I'll get to write that much today. But, I'll write a little and if I have time later  I will write more. 

Long story short Elder P...... has a ball under his chin on his neck, and it could be a tumor. This lady felt it and said she doesn't think it's stored up fat because it's hard. 

So we gotta go to the hospital today with him.

Keep him in your prayers, he's pretty freaked out. 

Hey here's my short email for this week. More later if I can. 

Tuesday, the worst training meeting in all history of training meetings. I was just way out of it, and the whole thing was boring.(I guess he can say this because he's the one leading the meeting) Maybe tomorrow's will be a little better. 

Had divisions that night with Elder A....... We spent all day in his area.... I thought my area was ghetto... his part doesn't even have paved streets and there's wild goats that walk through it. 

But hey, I didn't die, so it's all good. 

Wednesday, is when Elder P....... showed us what he had under his neck. 

Thursday. I don't remember. 

Friday, we ate in the worst house I've ever seen. The lady lived in a cement block and it was just filled with bags of garbage with turkeys and chickens running through it. 

To clean our plates she just flicked the garbage off it with her hands. 

But hey, I got most of it down and what I didn't get down I put in my pocket.  ha ha. 

She was nice though. Just dirty.... 

We had a dinner for bishop that night in the house of the other elders. We ended up making Hawaiian haystacks. 

Only instead of cream of chicken it was mushroom and orange cheese doesn't exist here, so we used Manchego (I don't know what it is in the states)

Sunday, gave talks. I talked about hope. 

Another baptism this week. An 11 year old girl named Susy. 

In other news we had a really good lesson with a grandpa this week and he started crying.(This is Nick's way of saying, he felt the Spirit) So that was cool I guess. 

Okay, I'll try and write later, love you guys. bye}

Nick wrote back this evening and I asked him how Elder P....... was
I'm not sure it was all in Spanish. Basically there's two types of tumors, soft and hard. Soft you can take care of and it just means he's sick and he takes meds. That's what they think it is. 

If it's hard, then the meds won't work and it means it's something more serious but not necessarily cancerous.

Gotta go, love you, bye!

Elder Arvanitas

Remember the pants that Nick was wearing when he reread all his Christmas cards?  Yep, here they are!  He's also started to eat lots of green olives.  Miss this crazy boy!

Being weird

They serve orange juice in a bag in Mexico.  

Angel's baptism

Sunset in Celaya

Elder A....... and his crazy tie. 

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