Monday, October 13, 2014

Week in bullet points

Hey I got nothing so I'm just gonna copy Sydney,
This week in bullet points 

  • Zone conference, just a large meeting with like 20 elders. Talked about activities we're going to start to plan, to help out the ward.
  • First Family History fair in all of Mexico. And it was here in Celaya, imagine that... Kind of boring but they had Guava water :) 
  • Baptism, Angel, Pictures next week
  • We entered a Taxi, and Elder Acevedo had a Ukelele, so he started playing and we started singing about going to get food and being inside a taxi. At the end he sang "y no nos va a cobrar" meaning "he's not going to make us pay".... it went silent, till the taxi driver was like "I'm going to make you pay double if anything, that song was terrible." haha (video next week) 
  • Found a new family this week
  • Another video with Acevedo rapping while I'm playing piano
That's all I got, the rest of the week was the normal of going to lessons, putting baptism dates with people, talking to random people in the street (the easiest is when we go buy tacos from the stands... or all the other random stuff they sell in the street)

Everything's good though. I don't feel homesick, the time is actually passing by so fast, next week I'll only be missing 9 months till I'm home. Imagine that. See you guys soon!

Elder Arvanitas

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