Monday, May 19, 2014

A really short letter....Sorry

So this week... 

Honestly there was nothing exciting that happened at all. It was just a normal week. 

The only thing tha'ts worth mentioning is that we had a meeting with Pres. He just talked about how we have to contact everybody that we see or else we'll never have enough people to teach. So I've been trying to do that lately. I don't mind it, it's fun to just sit on a bus and talk to someone random, about their life. 

Oh! Also were allowed to watch "approved" movies now? Something no one was expecting... You know what that means? Frozen. Sydney will be so jealous

Also, even more unheard of is that were allowed to watch select games from the World Cup as long as we work really hard after. It's kind of a big deal here... 

But yeah, that was basically it. Magaritas going to be baptized next Sunday, with her little daughter. I'll take pictures. She was definitely prepared by god for us to find her. She just accepted everything we said. 

"Oh the Word of Wisdom says we can't drink coffee. I'll just drop that then." 

Until next week. love you guys. 

Elder Arvanitas

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