Monday, May 5, 2014

Just another day in Mexico

Nick went and climbed Pena de Bernal again this week and so he was really  late writing.   He didn't have time to send all his pictures, so I hope he can send them next week.   I really want to see the parade pictures.  We get to talk to him this weekend . Yay!

A few things that happened this week. 

The weirdest parade ever... 

So we were on this bus, and we turned a corner and ended up getting stuck behind like 50 horses. We follow them for 5 mins going like 5km/hr. When we realized that they weren't going to move, we just decided it'd be faster to walk. And thats when we found it... 
    It was a truck, with a giant picture of a saint in the back, being followed by another truck, that was just filled with a mexican band, being followed by a bunch of people dressed up like demons dancing, being followed by a crowd of little kids, being followed by a lady dressed up like a clown on an ATV yelling at people, being followed by 50 horses.... 
    If you dont believe me I have pictures... 
    But I must admit, as far as Mexico goes, it's pretty normal. 

Luz Alegria 

So two weeks ago were walking on the street one day, when this lady comes up to us and asks
"what do you guys teach?" 

So we told her, and ended up getting her house number. But we could never find her when she was home... 

Until this week, when we went one day and she was there! She told us to come in. She complimented me a bunch on my Spanish (I love old people), and we ended up teaching her. 

But instead of teaching what we normally teach, we decided to go with something different, and taught that we can be forgiven of our sins, and Faith. 

She started crying, told us all about her kids and how she was lonely. We ended up giving her a blessing. 

She cried more, but it was happy tears this time. 

Just something special that happened this week. We'll keep stopping by to check up on her. 

I'm sure there was more, but I don't have time. 

Love you all, see you guys soon. 

Elder Arvanitas

Heading up the Pena again with Elder M....,this is not his companion.  I'm pretty sure he walked by himself.  ha ha

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