Monday, April 28, 2014

Bugs, bugs, bugs

First Happy Birthday Grandpa! If you were turning 82 here everyone would sing you a song about mañanitas (little mornings) and then chant "que le muerda" until you went to take a bite out of a cake, and right when you get close someone would smash your face into the cake! It's fun really... 

Lately though, we've had a problem with an abnormal amount of bugs getting into our house. So I've taken the time to talk about the 5 main bugs that we seem to always find in our house. 

Ants... They're everywhere... they're not like the ones in PA where they're all big and black, but are more like a millimeter long. Somehow they seem to find every crumb on the floor. And when they do... well they always bring friends, so when we get home at night we end up having to kill like 20 ants that have all circled around one tiny piece of food. 
    We found where they're coming from though... So we decided to carry out operation "mata las hormigas"(kill ants) and filled their base with toothpaste... 
    Yeah we didn't think that one through very well, they just found another route... 

Crickets... I can't sleep with these things at night. Somehow they always end up in this one spot outside of our bedroom window on top of the bars (All the windows have bars. That's gonna be weird when I get back!) 
    But then I have to go outside at like 11 with a bucket of water and splash the window till you see it climb out and jump like 10 ft in the air, and then kill it. I'm getting too old for it.... 

Cockroaches...  I have no idea how these guys make it in. They're fast though!! And they scare the crap out of me... I stepped on one with bare feet the other day.  They've become more and more common though... I started a pile in our back patio today (When I say patio I mean cement square with a thing to wash clothes) 

Wasps...  so we have a hole in the top of our bathroom to let out steam. I'm not sure whose idea it was, but it's a little counter productive because all it does is let in leaves and sticks and dirt... but these giant wasps always fly in through it and terrorize our house while were gone. 
     One day we watched them and noticed they always fly above our cupboards,(there's like a 2 inch gap) and then leave.
     So we looked up there and yeah... they're building a nest... 
     Now we leave the bathroom door shut every time we leave. I'ts always a fun game every time we get back, and we really have to use the bathroom  Who opens the door first? Because most of the time there's a wasp waiting on the other side... 

Black Widows... I thought they were only a myth before I got here... but yeah we've found 2 outside our doors in the past month. They're scary and big. I hope they don't get in.. 

To solve this bug problem we decided to buy Raid, the heavy duty stuff, and we sprayed our house.... 

and.... I forgot to wash my hands after. and then ate. and then got sick... Thursday was a bad day, but I'm okay now, no worries :) (He said he took some medicine and he feels fine)

I'll keep everyone updated though on how it goes. 

As far as investigators, I had a cool experience this week. I was reading, and it talked about how we should invite people to pray about having "missionary experiences" with their friends. 
    But when I read that I was like hey! I want to have a missionary experience. So, I prayed about it. 
     The next day the first lady we went to go see wasn't there.. So we knocked at her friend's house. 

"good morning, were looking for your neighbor"
"Hey you guys talk about the word of God?"
"come in come in!" 

Then we met her family and she bought us an apple soda, and now were teaching her. I love being a missionary. I know this stuff is true. 

Elder Arvanitas
This is a family in Nick's ward that feeds them every Sunday.  One of their daughters is wearing his companions name badge.  

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