Monday, April 14, 2014

Mostly pictures

I'm  kinda out of things to talk about this week. It was a lot of walking around in the heat looking for every person that we had in our lists. I'm exhausted... 

So its just a picture week... 

I asked Nick for a thought or an experience.  Here is what he gave me.  

This week we had a day where a bunch of our appointments fell through. And we didn't really know what to do. So we ended up going to the local grocerie store to get something to eat for dinner, and also pick up deodorant for my companion. 
It was about 7 minutes into our search for deodorant when I saw it... 

and at first I didn't believe it... I had to look twice.... 

Soriana Brand Root Beer. 

That's when I realized that miracles really do exist :) 

Steve asked him if the family from the funeral ever came back to church.  Also, he told Nick we see a change in him as do others who have told us.  

Yeah they never came back. Oh well. 
That's cool that people see a change in me. I'm trying to be better.  

It's all due to my mission president though. He's going to be an Apostol one day, I swear. Everything he says you can just tell it's exactly by the spirit. These sister missionaries had an investigator that refused to be baptized so, they introduced him to our mission President. 

He shared with this investigator the scripture in the bible about don't cast your pearls before swine, and told the guy he didn't want to be baptized because he wasn't taking it seriously. 

He got baptized a week later.. 

crazy huh? 

It's hot and air conditioning doesn't exist here. 

Hiking to the mountain they climbed several weeks ago.  

A church in Tequisquiapan

Food they bought with the money somebody gave them.  

Having some McDonald's with Elder M......

Some weird graffiti.  

Nick says this is how they go to church.  Weirdos!

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