Monday, April 21, 2014

Holy Week

Semana Santa!(Holy Week)

Honestly I had a ton of hopes for this week. But...... everyone's on vacation. This week was a lot of just walking and empty homes. 

That's okay though cause there was still all the traditions that they had planned for this week. 

Friday is the start of it where everyone decorates with dark purple and white and make shrines and everything. Also there's huge groups of people that walk around while one guy carries a cross. Apparently it gets really intense in other parts of Mexico, where it ends with the guy hammering nails through his hands, and hanging up on the cross for 2 hours or so. 
    Probably not the best way to show respect but yeah, traditions... 

SaturdaySaturday of Glory. It's the day where everyone throws water at each other. People dump buckets of water out their windows to get you wet... "Supposedly..." 
    All that stuff used to happen then the police came in and yeah, you know, ruined everyone's fun. So no one got wet that day.... Except Elder A....., because I threw a bucket of water at him after lunch one day :) 

Sunday. Nothing happens. I feel like this is the day when people just get back from there vacations, and stay inside all day cause they're all hungover. 

But that was my week. Except for the fact I didn't see anyone carrying a big cross, and I didn't get wet. Mexico's changing a lot, and a lot of people are moving away from that traditional catholic background here.  A lot of people we talk to just say they're "creyentes" or believers and nothing else. 

As far as lessons go this week, there weren't a lot. But this week everyone should be back so I will have lots of stories I'm sure... 

Love you guys, 

also Happy Birthday to Sydney. 

Elder Arvanitas

This was Nick's response to my letter:
Did you hear about an earthquake in Mexico City? We didn't feel it.. so that was lame. 
Sorry about the Koreans.(I told him about the ferry so he would understand Syd's letter) 
And the Grubers.(we found out our dear neighbors are moving :() 

also I forgot it was Easter until right now.. 

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