Monday, July 13, 2015

The last letter......maybe

Nick didn't write last week so you haven't missed anything.  He's checked out of the whole writing letters.  So, this may or may not be his last letter.  He comes home in 9 days.  He's ready to come home, I think.  Thanks to everyone for your love and support and for reading these crazy letters for the last 2 years.  Nick is a man of few words, so they're an easy read.  

Hey I'm just signing on to send my letter to you... like last time. 

1. I'll look at shoes when I get back, forgot I still had the striped ones, 
2. Already made chicken piccata. As Chef Gusteau once said "Anyone can cook"
3. That means I want 5 guys coming home. 
4. The pastor meat in the centro doesn't look fantastic, but if you've already bought it, oh well. (we didn't buy it.  Steve just sent a picture)
5. To buy a mariachi sombrero or to not buy? you guys decide

So this will probably be my last letter in the mission. Next week I'm heading out to my first area in Fresnos to say goodbye to people. That's what i did last week too.

It's been a good two years though. What can I say.. 

Literally everything changed for me. Everything. 

Today my President just pulled me aside and said, 

"Were going to miss you. We love you. You served with your heart."

As far as the whole missionary aspect, I wouldn't consider myself all that great. Investigadors never really had a lot of confidence in me, my teaching wasn't all that great. I would get frustrated a lot too. 

But I want you guys to know, what I did do, I did it out of my heart.

I wanted to make you guys proud.  

I've realized that the most important thing in this life are relationships. The relationship we have with ourselves, with the ones we love, and with our God. 

I think all that's left to say is that I love you guys. so much. 

I would've never gotten to this point if it wasn't for you. 

I'll see you in 9 days. 


Nick was the cover shot for the Mission Newsletter this week!  ha ha


  1. Congratulations on a mission well served...what a wonderful accomplishment! I'm the aunt of Julia Cummings and the mother of Hermana Natalie Pederson, currently serving in your mission. (Celeya/Vergal area) Are you one of the missionaries who taught someone named Mary recently, who is getting baptized soon?
    Wow, it sure is a small world in the church!

    Very best wishes in your future endevors Hermano Arvanitas!

    Sister Andrea Pederson

    1. NIck only met Hermana Pederson briefly on his mission. He served in Celaya but not Vergal area. He served in Constituyentes and Laureles areas in Celaya. It is a small world.

  2. I have a son going to this mission in a month. I was wondering what type of camera to get him, and what access to technology they have to send pictures home. Any advice you have would be great. Congrats on your son!

  3. Larissa,

    Congratulations to your son!

    Truthfully, I can't remember what camera I bought him. He left it in Mexico with another missionary who didn't have one. Hard to believe, but he's almost been home for two years. It goes by so fast. He would always go to Internet cafes or use the internet at the church. I do know that another missionary had camera that would automatically send pictures to an email whenever he connected to the internet so whenever he was at the church, it would upload his most recent pictures.

    There is a Facebook group that one of the mother's started when the mission was first created, which is when my son was called. There are a lot of mother's who have children serving now and they share pictures, as does the new mission president's wife. It's a great resource and support group.