Monday, June 29, 2015

Trying not to daydream

No, I didn't not send Nick's letter last week.  He didn't write.  He said he's been trying to cram everything in, in these last few weeks.  He wrote really late today.  

It's been a good ending to my mission. I've been trying to go down "swinging". Not killing myself at the end of the mission and stressing myself out, but at the same time not passing the entire day daydreaming about the future. 

I do do a lot of daydreaming these days though. 

Fun fact. Every American that I've met here, (or even the ones I sneak behind and listen to) sound like hicks. They all have like... ugly American accents. I don't want to talk like them when I go back. 

I've been thinking a lot lately though. These past few weeks more than anything I've just been trying to not be frustrated with people. I feel like that's something that happens to a lot of missionaries that end their missions. 

I think what happens is they get so caught up trying to achieve perfection in every aspect that they lose focus on what's really important.

 It's not the aspiration of perfection that's wrong, but the moment when that goal goes from being something helpful and motivational, to something that only brings desperation, and frustration. 

To put things more simply. we may be asked to try to be perfect in this life, but the purpose of the invitation is not so that we follow behind focusing on all our imperfections and mistakes. 

Why we are asked to try to be perfect, has nothing to do with repayment, or a debt we have, but it is to help us to change. 

As my MTC teacher once said "We are not captives to our own decisiones, rather we have to chance to choose who we want to become every day"

....or something like that... it was a while ago. 

So that's the plan these days. To focus on being a good person. To love the people. Help my companion be better as he helps me. 

Life is good really. 

As far as the work.... We started teaching this old grandma and when she speaks English, she speaks it with a British accent. She spends her entire day making apple pies and Guava cheesecakes. 

She gave me some for my birthday, and I met her a week ago! 

I'll send pictures... sometime. Keep your hopes up. Love you guys, Bye! 

P.S. Happy Father's Day Dad!

Nick's companion (L) and one of the AP's(R)  Nice aprons!

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