Monday, June 8, 2015

Sitting at the bus station....

Okay, sorry my letter is gonna get there so late... (Nick wrote rather late again today)

To explain more of this, what happens is the last Saturday before the changes, everyone in Querétaro has the option to change their preparation day.

So we played soccer Saturday instead of today. Then yesterday we got the transfers for the zone (turns out I'm ending my mission here with  Elder Galdamez) but at 10:30, last night, they decided to tell us that instead of people traveling on Tuesday, they were going to travel TODAY. 

Long story short, we were up till 11:30 yesterday figuring out who's going with who, and figuring out all that stuff. 

That brings us to today... Where we sat in the bus station from 11:30 in the morning till 5:30.. It took forever. Ate some tortas, won some stuffed animals from the claw game and just messed around with my companion and a Guatamalan Elder. 

That's my life. 

Also we played a fun game where you make a lot of 1 syllable sounds and make your voice go up and down and it sounds like your speaking Japanese and everyone stares at you. I'm guessing for 2 reasons. 

They're either thinking "NO WAY an American and a Mexican speaking some kind of dialect"


"Look at these imbeciles... who do they think they're fooling?"

Most of the time it's the first one though (I'm guessing it's the 2nd)

We had a baptism on Friday, of Juan Sanchez. He's this 63 year old guy that runs marathons.. and wins them. He's been listening to the missionaries since I got to the mission, and it wasn't till now that he could do it. 

He was so excited, it was cool to see. 

As far as lessons, ehh... we're getting there. I'm hoping to be able to pick the area up before I go. I feel like an old man though. Everything hurts. Everything. But I'll pull through.

Love you guys, 

See you soon

Elder Arvanitas

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