Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Few Days

On Monday, we received a letter from Elder Arvanitas.  He's a man of few words so we didn't expect a long letter.  This is actually longer than I anticipated.  He seems to be adjusting.  

Hey all,
So yeah when i got here the first couple days felt like forever, the longest days of my life.  It's one thing thinking about being in a suit and working all day, but a completely other thing actually doing. But it gets better!   Adapting is the hardest part.  But, the days have been good for the most part, nothing really to report though.  Still kinda new.   So Friday,  this kid in my district went home after 3 days.  It was really depressing to be honest to see someone leave that soon, but he had depression and family problems, so it was probably for the best.  It's weird though how much you can care about someone after only 3 days.  The days all blend together though since we do the same stuff.  So to report on my companion and my district, they're... okay, but I'm  learning to like them more. (Donna had a work friend whose daughter's boyfriend is in my district.  He's a good guy)   (Donna is his aunt.)   
My companion is Elder Morgan, fancy that, he's from Virginia. Not the most exciting person to talk to but I don't mind him. So our district leader is a "super elder".  He bugs me but, hopefully it gets better.   The other district in my zone is really cool though, I talk to them a lot. One's the Quarterback for Utah, (I'm guessing he means, University of Utahand a linebacker, and a kid that did a bunch of martial arts, and a Polynesian. All really funny people, who are really good people. 
The language is good though. Spanish is pretty easy, and I constantly think in it now.  My teacher's really nice.  I like her.  Umm... what else... oh! got the bottom bunk, but it doesn't matter cause were being transferred! (Steve's advice to the kids about the MTC.  Get the bottom bunk.)   b I've heard Wyview is 10 times better. So I'm excited. (Wyview is BYU dorms that were converted into part of the MTC because they've run out of room to house all the missionaries.)  I'll still try and see Hunter though.   
So I don't know what Sydney was talking about when she said Sundays are the best.. Every week you have to prepare a talk in Spanish, and then they call random people to talk in the language. Since we have like the smallest zone, my chances of being called are pretty high, so that sucks. Well that's all, miss you all, talk to you soon. 

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