Monday, August 26, 2013

Not the most reverent rendition of a hymn

We got two short emails from Nick today.  He's halfway through the MTC.  He leaves for Mexico 3 weeks from today.  He tried to send pictures from the MTC but, it's not always easy to do that.  Sydney has struggled too to send them.  I sent Nick a letter and asked some questions, so the first email is answering some of those.  Spencer is his cousin who just finished the Ironman competition which entails a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run.  I said that Spencer was tired but happy he finished.  I said that might be compared to missionary work.  Your tired but happy.  Nick disagreed with me.  I don't see Nick doing an Ironman competition, EVER.  

So just to answer your quick questions. Yeah, I head out this Wednesday to get my visa, only instead of flying to Vegas I just go to Salt Lake for 4 hours. So, I'm  happy about that, cause apparently there's some really old guy whose calling is to pick up missionaries and he just talks about the old testament for 5 hours at Del  Taco. 

That's awesome that Spencer did that though.  Missionary work is nothing like a 112 mile bike ride. That would be called hell. But this week the oldest district left, I'm  really going to miss a lot of them. I cant even remember what I've told you guys, about them. It was Elder L......., A........, W...., F........ etc. I wrote down all the names in my journal. They were all amazing examples to me. But on the other hand, seeing how good they were at Spanish when they left, kinda scared me. They made a ton of progress no doubt but, it just makes me realize how much I'm in trouble for Mexico -_-.  When a district leaves though,  our zone (minus the Presidency) goes to a room at night and sings "God Be With You Till We Meet Again". Only instead of English, its Spanish, and instead of reverently, its like a bunch of drunk Irish men after a soccer game.  Way fun. 

Well this week was just another average week at the MTC . All the days blend together here since I wear the same clothes everyday. So,  I'm  not really sure what to say. I guess the big thing that happened this week is that our oldest district left. It's crazy how much you can bond with people after knowing them for just like 3 weeks. I'm really going to miss all of them.  But you know what that means, 3 weeks in, 3 weeks left. Halfway done. It really hasn't felt long at all.  So, I get this eerie feeling I'm going to be the next district leader.  That's the last thing I want, having to babysit my district. But whatever, I'll just reject the calling (only kidding)  

We got a new a district though, last Wednesday, and getting another new one in 2 days.   2 kids in my district are the new ZLs, L.....and G....... But that's only because my favorite district is leaving next Monday to Mexico.  Its like Sydney said, how even though its been only 20 days you've felt like you've known them your entire life.  Language is good. I kind of plateaued this week with it, so I'm  working ahead on reflexive past and future tense. I cant speak it worth crap and all the other kids are progressing faster than I am. That's okay though, I'll eventually get it. :)  I've been working on rolling my r's a lot, or just saying r's the way the Mexicans do, I literally can't notice a difference but, everyone else can.

Anyway I'm sure I'll have a lot more to talk about once I'm out of the MTC and actually doing real work with real people. My investigators are good, but nothing worth reporting on. Had some good lessons, had some bad ones. (turns out one of the first lessons I had with Savio(I assume this is his fake investigator) I said see you in siete dios, 7 gods when I meant days.) oh well I'll write more later if I can think of what to say.


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