Monday, August 19, 2013

Moving to a new campus

We got a handwritten letter this week from Nick too.  He told us a little more about the Elder getting sick and going to the hospital after they all went to the temple.  He moved from the main MTC campus to the Wyview campus, which was BYU dorms.  He told us in his handwritten letter that it was better and now I think he's changed his tune.  He did tell us about Elder Scott coming and speaking to them and how HE EVEN SANG IN THE CHOIR!  Who is this kid?  He said it was good.  He also talked about teaching their fake investigator, Miguel, and they had to use a lot of hand gestures to get their point across.  It reminded me of what Sydney said in which teaching in Korean was one part Korean and one part pictionary.  It also seems to be the same for Spanish too, when you are new to the language.  He seems to be picking up the language and is getting more comfortable each day.  

So this week was really busy but I don't really even remember a thing that happened. Tuesday we taught our final lesson with Miguel and he decided to be baptized! Its crazy how even though hes a fake investigator, and our teacher, it still brings you such happiness and makes you excited. We shared the scripture out of Mark 9 "Lord I believe bless now my unbelief" and talked to him about how even though our lessons were sporadic and kinda really bad, he still knows enough and we know hes ready. It was good to see. 

But anyway Elder G....... hes probably my favorite person to talk to here.  He was baptized when he was 15 (his dad was inactive, mom wasn't a member), and went on a mission 4 years later. I think that's awesome. Hes such a funny guy. But, Monday he was in a lot of pain and everything and went to the hospital that night and they took out his appendix. After they told him to relax for a bit, but the next day he played 4 square, and got a spot on his stomach that looked like internal bleeding. So, back to the hospital he went.  When he went to go get scanned, they had to put solution in him but, they missed his vein. His left arm was like 3 times as big, but luckily no internal bleeding. He just bleeds out of his belly button every once in a while, and we don't let him forget it.

Turns out Wyview isn't as nice as we thought. The food is either really good or garbage and to be honest I kinda miss main campus. It was just nice seeing everyone too and having a classroom that didn't look so much like an apartment. Oh well, 4 more weeks left. I honestly cant think of anything else that happened. 

I watched Elder L...,a  Polynesian football guy, fill half a loaf of bread with 7 raw hot dogs and eat it. I thought that was pretty impressive. Anyway back on track, its crazy how much simpler life is without all the distractions, you can feel so much more. (However i do miss my phone when I'm(lets just say when Nick is in the bathroom for a long period of time))

 I had an ephiphany the other day though. So Rice Krispies, I was reading the package, and the whole design is just blank and white so you can write on it. That's garbage, it's more like the design people forgot.  They were supposed to make the cover for the package and they were like uhh... a package you can write on. Dumb.  (We recently sent a package with Rice Krispie treats in it.  The things this boy writes about. )

Anyway,  I know there's more that happened but not really. I play piano for sacrament, and yesterday everyone figured out I play fairly well so they made me play Hallelujah like 4 times. We don't have new investigators yet, and each day is like 9-10 hours of studying so not much to report on. I promise they'll(meaning his letters) be more interesting in the future. I'll  write you guys a handwritten note sometime too. Love you all bye.

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