Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm legal in Mexico!

I don't really have a lot to talk about this week. It was kinda just an average week. I feel like eventually all my letters are going to turn out like this. 

But we had 3 elders get sent home in our mission. No one really knows what they did though. So of course, the rules are now more strict. So that's no fun. But we had a zone meeting on Friday where we kinda just talked about everything. In the beginning of the week E. Cruz was kinda just getting on my nerves a bit.  It happens after you live in the same house with someone for that long.  But we had that conference and I kinda just realized how dumb it was to let the little tiny things in life bother us and keep us distracted from what is really important. It's a cycle that happens so often in life, and if people don't learn how to fix it, it ruins relationships completely. So yeah, everything's good now.  I love Elder Cruz, he helps me out so much.  And, if hes 20 and still doesn't know how to pick his dirty socks up from all over our floor, I don't think he ever will. And that's okay :)(Well isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?  I'm sure I've told Nick to pick up his socks more than once)

Oh!  So you know how some people in the US don't have teeth and its really hard to understand them, just imagine it in Spanish. It's 100x harder. I swear the guy was just making guttural noises for words. And he was talking directly at me too. So yeah, he should be fun to talk to in the future. 

Today we went to go get our immigration papers. I'm officially legal in Mexico. Yay.  I saw everyone in my district from the MTC today. It's crazy that it's already been a month that I've been in Mexico.  But yeah, this one kid's showering with buckets of water, and this other kid's investigator just died one day. So that's always fun... But it was good to see everyone, but at the same time depressing because, the next time we'll all be together like that is when we all leave. 

But that was my life this week. Can't really think of anything else exciting that happened.  Had this day where literally everyone blew us off, even our lunch appointment.  So that was a no fun, very bad day. But I still love it out here. Even if somehow 3 flying cockroaches have found their way into our house, and I got bit by a spider twice this week. (We asked Nick about this and he says the bites have disappeared, so he's good.)

Love you Guys!
Elder Arvanitas

NIck was still online when I wrote him a quick note and asked if he was teaching anyone.  Here's his response.  Very cheeky if you ask me. 

What else would I be doing in the middle of Mexico?.... :p

Yeah, we teach this lady now whose daughter is paralyzed and kinda just lays in bed all day and can't talk. She left her alone in the house for an hour and a half to go to church. You can kinda just do that here.
Nick studied on the roof of someones apartment building.  I love how Queretaro is so colorful!

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