Monday, October 21, 2013

I've never been so excited for a buffet

So this week, I didn't have anything like Sydney's catching a thief story.  Sorry.  If a package got sent to my house and someone stole it, I wouldn't know the difference. 

But I forgot my list of stuff to talk about (I have to make a list... I don't have much time)

But this week was pretty hard for the most part.  By the end of October we want to be teaching 30 different people.  Right now were at 19, so it's not bad. 

But we found this home this week with 13 people living in it.  Keep in mind its more of like a 3 room apartment then a home.  And they didn't have couches.  So, we just sat on the floor and talked to this guy Jesus, and this other guy Omar who's 18 and has a wife and a kid.  So that's pretty crazy. I  don't remember what we talked about though, we just kinda told him who we are, what we do all day,asked him about his life, the usual.

Oh have I said the carpeted floors don't exist in Mexico? Neither do dryers. And this week I saw both. It was a pretty big day for me. 

But this guy and his wife, Marroquin, they took us out for lunch this week that was 20 mins away.  It was this buffet, I've never been so excited for a buffet in my life. They had mashed potatoes, and french fries, and mini hamburgers, and pizza.  Everyone was probably like, look at this american... eating the american food. But that's okay, I forgot about everyone else and ate 6 plates of food. It was weird though cause it felt just like America, except for the fact everyone was Mexican and speaking Spanish. 

But Wednesday this week, was probably one of the hardest days of my life. It was another one of those days where literally everyone blew us off. We looked in our list of houses, (were not allowed to just knock houses anymore, cause people hate that. Also we might get shot.) but  we walked around for 5 hours looking for anyone to talk to.  Nope.  But finally at lunch time, we talked to the lady that fed us, and it was like really short, but special. She started crying. I don't remember what it was about though, but it just shows that it's not all about success, as long as we try hard we can feel the love of god.

Speaking about the love of god, I gave a talk Sunday, and played piano( The lady tried to tell me what songs I had to play cause she doesn't like singing the same songs. I told her no). The biggest problem is the all the people here gossip about each other. So that's no good. So I talked about loving each other and Elder Cruz told everyone that its time to wake up and do something.  So everyone possibly might hate us.

Also we have to plan an activity for everyone once a month. We planned one for this week, no one showed up. And also, the mirror that we took from our house to the church fell and shattered where people walk. So once again, everyone hates us. Now we don't have a mirror, except for a little slice that I cut myself on yesterday. 

Oh so there's this lady, Marta, she owns a chicken place, and she still loves us. The other day we walked by her house and she was like,  are you hungry at all? We're like,  just like a little bit. She cut a whole chicken in half and gave it to us and drinks also. So that happened too. 

But that's basically all I think. I'ts hard here, I"m completely drained, but it's worth it. I love the people here, they take good care of me. I"m good with Spanish now, just can't really speak it. Miss you guys though, I'll talk to you soon though. 

Elder Arvanitas

So the other ward had a baptism. They got to the font and it was full of dirty old water. So, they drained it out with buckets for an hour and then started filling it again, but little did they know it was all draining out the bottom. So I stood on a rag trying to keep the water in for 30 mins, only for them to cancel it. 

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