Monday, October 28, 2013

Hairy Chickens are not normal

Nick's letter was later than usual because Mexico had their daylight savings fall back this past weekend.   Nick and his companion were somehow not reminded and they showed up to church an hour early.  He was so bummed about not getting that extra hour of sleep.  

So this week was a lot better,  or at least I think it was, the weeks go by faster and faster the longer you stay here. 

But I ate hairy chicken with Elder Manglinong. His philosophy was just tell yourself it's normal. So I did, and ate a patch of hair, until Elder Cruz was like, "Why is it hairy, that's weird?". So yeah, hairy chickens are not normal...
We also broke into the chapel through the window to play piano before we had a junto with the district. I forgot to talk about that. 

So how Elder Cruz cleans.  One day I go upstairs and he has our broom scrubbing the sides of that walls in the shower.  Now we have a bunch of hair in our drains and so they don't work anymore. Another day he was pouring cups of water on the floor. I still don't know why, but we got it figured out and our house is slowly becoming clean. You just have to tell yourself it's normal.

So I realized I've been gone for almost 3 months. That's already 1/8 of my mission gone. Crazy. 

Ate burgers yesterday and cheesy potatoes. That was a highlight. 

We've run out of money and food and water. Reimbursements take 2 weeks, so just have to hold out for another 4 days and then all is well. (Nick has money in a private account.  He won't starve.)

Had our activity!! everyone loved it.( I asked about this.  He told me they played Minute to Win it games and they earned talents.  Then they separated them into the 3 degrees of glory )Except for this lady....

So about this lady, we found her on Wednesday. She was like sure come in. So we talked to her and her sister for about 40 min and at the end she was like yesterday I prayed for help from god and here you guys are, and its a sign and you're the best, etc. 

So we went back Thursday and had an awesome lesson, invited her to our activity. She was like hmmmm.... I'll go,  come and pick me up. So we were like, sure no problem. 

So then Friday came around. We baptized 2 kids that day and then directly after had the activity. It was a really busy day.... but it wasn't until we got back to our house we were like, WE FORGOT ABOUT PATI! 

So we had to go back to apologize on Saturday, cause we really felt terrible about it. We get to her house and shes leaving. Shes like, yeah when you guys didn't come, I was like,  maybe God doesn't want me to go. It's a sign. So, I made other plans and  I am leaving for a week. Talk about feeling like getting hit with a sledgehammer. So yeah that sucked and we're trying to be better.

But yeah 2 baptisms happened, it was fun.  We got a nice rock to block the plug. (Nick said they found out on Tuesday that they were getting baptized on Friday)

We got on a bus on Saturday. There were 5 Jehovah witnesses waiting for us. I've never been so scared for my life. (I asked about this too.  He said they just awkwardly stared at them)

 I MISSED DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. We woke up, got to church and were like where isss everyone???? I get two days to sleep in for 9 hours and I missed one. Muy triste.

Sunday, that was rough too. This lady in our ward was going to go pick one of our investigators up to come to church.  12 o'clock rolled around and she still wasn't there. So we called her and she's like, oh I'm sick...... uhh. HOWEVER, our other investigator came on her own regardless. So that was awesome to see. But then the talks, this one guy gets up there and just calls everyone out. I wanted to cry. 

So that's really what were working on right now. Just helping our ward become friends and grow up and stop being mean to each other. It's like teaching a bunch of 2 year olds, but eventually :)

This is what happens when you don't listen to how to sew or get your pants hemmed in the MTC like mom said to.  UGH!

Elder Arvanitas' first baptism with Dante and Donald

The church mat.  ha ha

Ernesto and his son.  Nick and his companion are teaching Ernesto's wife.  It was his birthday.

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