Monday, November 4, 2013

Walking 2 miles in the rain is never fun

Nick didn't have much to say this week but I was able to converse back and forth on email.  He wanted my sisters chocolate cookie recipe and needed the ingredients converted into grams.   He's not allowed to just google stuff.  It's nice to know, he's obedient on that front.  I think he'll be happy once he makes his cookies.  

Anyway this week, not much to report again, it was pretty dry. 

Heard were getting hit by another hurricane so that's always stuff I'm excited to hear. Every time one is about to come it drops from like 80 degrees to 45 degrees overnight. 

But we started to explore new areas this week. For the past 6 weeks we've kind of stayed in this bubble that's about the size from like our house to Walmart... something like that.(that's about a mile and a half) But we went to go see this guy in Ciudad Dell Sol. So were like, that cant be too far, we can just walk. So we walk to where we think he lives, call him, then we walk a little father. Ended up walking about 2 miles in the middle of nowhere, just to see this one guy. We had to make the same trip back in the rain. So that's never fun. 

But on our list of new places to explore was Patria Nueva. Tried to find this one person that lived in an address that didn't exist. But Patria Nueva is  the worst part in our area. We showed up when it was pitch black, probably not the brightest idea. Were not going back.

We met this awesome kid though. It was a 6 year old, who I forget his name but, is blind. Never have I ever seen such a calm kid. But he was way awesome. 

Got your packages! One from you guys, one from Rachel. That was a nice surprise since I wasn't expecting them to come for a while. You'll have to wait to see the picture of my carving (I sent Nick cool patterns and pumpkin tools and he carves the state of Pennsylvania.  As his mother, I don't know where I went wrong)

So everyone's asking about the Day of the Dead. Honestly I don't know that much about it. Kids trick or treat on both days. We passed this one house with people in the most fancy skeleton costumes I've ever seen that were taking pictures with people... I regret that I didn't. (I asked if his ward had a party or anything.  He said, nope, just another day in the mission but, we did go get tacos.  Wow, he's living the dream!)

But on the Day of the Dead,  people set up shrines in their homes and on the street. It's way pretty and just something different to see, cause you know there's a story behind every person. 

But tell Maddie happy birthday! I wrote her a letter and still need to go shopping for other stuff.  Eventually it will get there though... Promise. Love you guys!

Nick's ward mission leader

Very large Cacti

Nick's sorry excuse for a carved pumpkin

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