Monday, November 11, 2013

The Love of God is Always There for Us

It was a little rainy in Mexico this week.  A hurricane hit.  Nick is in the middle of Mexico, so they get hit with a lot of rain, not so much the wind.  I was able to email back and forth this week because I was online when he wrote.  His companion finishes his mission before Christmas, so he'll have a new companion before Christmas.    

So this week, not a lot happened I guess. I don't know how Syd writes so much about just everything. 

My brains so messed up now though. It's half in Spanish, half in English. Today we stumbled upon this random american guy in the most random museum and talked to him.  Just told him what we were doing and everything, and I thought I was talking normal but when I stopped, he was like, I don't speak Spanish... so obviously I screwed something up.

I went with Elder Harland  for a day though. We went to go eat at Marta's house and she has a chicken shop. (Nick has written about her before)  But,she gave us all these divine green chili peppers that had been laying in the chicken grease all day.  So they were good, until I bit this one that was all red in the middle. 

Let me just take a moment...I've eaten a lot of hot stuff in my life. (he has eaten the hottest wings at Quaker Stake and Lube) But nothing even compares to the horrific pain that filled my mouth for the 20 mins after eating that pepper. So that was no fun... 

Oh story time! So this week we really focused in finding new people or people that were just less active.  So we knocked on a lot of random doors that were in our lists of people to try and find.  We went to go find this one lady's house and instead, we found an entire condominium of 50 houses... she lived really far away too. So were like, well we didn't come here for nothing. So we said a prayer and kinda just asked for help to know where to go, and just for help. Immediately, we felt something different, and were like, go here. So we knocked at a random house, and the lady was just leaving but shes says,  yeah I want you guys to come back. 
So 2 days later, we did.  She kind of just started breaking down crying. She told us that she was having a lot of problems. She said that a long time ago she talked to missionaries like us and about a week ago she remembered them.  So she told us that she prayed for help from god and the next day we were there. It was kind of a miracle. (It's amazing what the Lord does when his children ask)

But I think more than anything I really learned  that god really knows each and every one of us, on a personal level. Just another thought from something I read this week. The love of god is always there for us.  Whether were happy or sad or we feel like we deserve it or not, it's simply always there. I like that. I love the people here. They're always so nice to us, and although I'm thousands of miles from my real home, it still feels like home here. 

Elder Arvanitas

Here's a little PS from Nick.  It reminds me of when he was a kid and collected YuGiOh  and Pokemon cards.  Oh! I forgot to mention my Tazo collection is growing.  Every time I buy chokis(cookies)  I get a Tazo. Everyone loves Tazos. The little kids all play Tazos though.   You stack them up and throw them and its hard to explain but, basically you bet your Tazos.  It's all fun and games till you're the kid that runs home crying cause your friends won all your Tazos. 

It was a little rainy during the hurricane

Here's a picture I found of Tazos, online

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