Monday, November 25, 2013

We celebrated Pre-Thanksgiving

This is really late.  We are in DisneyWorld for Thanksgiving and I needed to be back in our room to send this.  We thought Sydney would be upset and Nick wouldn't care that we're here. Boy was I wrong.  It was the opposite.  

So this week. 

I guess the most important thing was WE CELEBRATED THANKSGIVING! Yep, last thursday we met with Elder M........... and S......., and decided to go out and get ice cream at 7 pm. Ice cream is not the same in Mexico... But, the lady, when she gave me mine, was like,be careful it doesn't stick well. I didnt listen... And sure enough after 2 licks my ice cream fell and broke all over the street.  Probably one of the most depressing moments of my life, so I had to buy another one, but in a cup this time, like a little kid. 
    Then we all went back to the church, and found a table and decided to say 3 things we were thankful for. I dont remember much of what people said, just that M........... was thankful for the days when the old chubby ladies get on the bus and don't touch or rub against him. I said, the days when the cholos dont kill me. It's the tiny things that count. (Cholos are really rough Mexican kids.  Kind of like gang members)
    The next day we had a meeting with the entire zone and president, where we found out that Thanksgiving isn't for another week. So that was just Pre thanksgiving.... But president just told us all that we are terrible at teaching, and then we had a 3 hour meeting of what we should do. I think the biggest thing was with our questions.  A lot of the time I just think of what makes sense to say or stuff they want to here, or how to respond in Spanish But he told us that thats wrong, that we should be looking really for the question of ´´what does God want them to know through me?".
      So I've  been really focusing on that. One of our investigadores, Selene, she's been having a hard time quitting smoking and just everything. We are really worried about her. But, we asked her the question, just what did she think god felt about her now. 
    She said that he's  happy and content, because shes trying really hard, and he always has love for her. 
     I think that changed her view of everything, kind of gave her hope. So that was good. 
    What else happened, Oh! I played for some Young Women thing that they were singing for. That was a mistake, the music lady is  crazy and now she wont leave me alone... sigh. 
  I guess the final thing that happened is that this missionary, that was in my ward, came back with his family, and we ate dinner with him. Americans by far are the most awkward people.. It was really weird though after 3 months of not really seeing any. (did Nick forget that he is an American)  But after every sentence, they were like, what'd he say in english? And I understood without the translation!!! So that was really exciting.
Their Pre-Thanksgiving
A sad day when your ice cream falls.  Listen to the lady next time, Nick.
How they cut grass in the 1500's, according to Nick
Black Widow.  She looks dead.  I hope she's dead. 
Nick, his companion, Elder D, who was also trained by Nick's companion. 

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  1. Emily just said 'hey!' So I asked her why? Then she said 'oh, nevermind (giggling) I thought the middle one was him!' Hahaha