Monday, December 2, 2013

Being sick is no fun

This week. 

It was pretty normal for the most part, at least for the first 3 days. We started house shopping a little bit.(I'm guessing they are looking to move.  I'm not sure.  He didn't elaborate) We found this 78 year old lady that just talked to us for 20 mins straight while we ate papaya. Papaya is by far the worst tasting thing in all of the world. But she was really nice,she just needed someone to talk to. 

I honestly don"t remember a lot of our other lessons that we had until Thursday. We're getting better though, at teaching, and right as Cruz is about to leave. (Nick's companion is done with his mission this week)

Thursday, Thanksgiving. At 6 we went and practiced in the church for our talent show that were having for the ward this Saturday, Elder Cruz's last one. We invited president and his family, so it's kind of a big deal. (He means is mission President)

But after, we had changes, and I was with Elder Sanchez. But before we all split, since it was Thanksgiving, we went out for Tacos. 

Well, that was a mistake, I got sick... Next morning I felt alright, but then it just hit me while we were teaching this guy. All of a sudden I got really hot, and so sure enough 20 secs after we left, I puked all on the street... right in front of this guys store. (We knocked and were like, hey... Sorry) 

But after, I felt great, but the lady that we went to go see for lunch, gave E. Sanchez a whole chicken and told me I couldn't eat any. Well of course I wasn't gonna pass up chicken for lunch, so I ate anyway.... 

That was a mistake too..

We were in Selene's house and I was laying down while Sanchez taught her, and in about 30 mins I puked all over her floor.. I felt really bad. But they (Selene and her mom) made me rice, and tea out of leaves in the front of their yard. 

I still felt like garbage the next day, but then I went to the Pharmacy and got some Meds really easily, and I'm great now :) I just  have been really out of it since. 

Sunday, set up a Christmas tree with Familia Castillo. Probably the first time I've had fun decorating. Kinda regret not doing it more, earlier. (Nick used to complain every year.  I'm going to hold him to this)

Then today, went to the largest mall in South America. The only problem is its still under construction, and there's only like 10 stores open. But, it felt just like the States... That happens sometime.... then someone talks in Spanish and its like, oh yeah.

Elder Arvanitas
Decorating the Castillo Family's tree

They let  Nick put an A for Arvanitas in the center of their tree.  ha ha

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