Monday, December 23, 2013

Being stressed in December

Nick wrote us little notes today and is struggling with his new companion.  Not the most obedient or uplifting.    He ended up not being like he thought he would and Nick is really trying to work hard.  He didn't go into details, but it's not been a great couple of weeks.    He could use prayers to help him through this.  He told Steve there must be some reason he was put with him and he was always going to try to be a good companion.   We're excited to Skype with him on Christmas.    Merry Christmas!

Not a whole lot has happened lately. We're slowing losing all of our lessons and investigators, and haven't had the opportunity to teach really because of all the Christmas parties and stuff. 

I guess the only lesson that really stuck out in my mind from this week, is we were searching the lists and found this random girl that was baptized in June, that had wed, and we had never heard of, so we called her and she sounded really nice. 

So we go to meet her, and she's like, here come to my house, so we go. She opens the door, it's just a concrete square with nothing in it... ¨you live here?" "well right now? no, me and my boyfriend are just renting it, were going to move in together" "how old are you and him?" "were both 18" 
He shows up, we go inside and talk some more. Basically they're both 18, haven't told their parents a thing, just plan on leaving one day with all their stuff. They work all day 6 days a week, just to pay for the rent. 
Not to be the Debby Downer.... but I feel like it's not going to work out.  Everything was just weird too, cause they offered us drinks, or to buy mayonaisse corn for us like they were parents that had lived together their entire lives... but hey whatever. We're here to help everyone. 

We taught this other lady that just tore all the members apart. One by one, and all of the reasons she had were good too. You could tell she was just hurt by everything and everyone. It was honestly really depressing,because no one should feel like that, or have that impression. Shes like, I know your church is true, I can feel it. But I don't want anything to do with it or with anyone in it because of how they treated me when I was there... Except you guys, you guys are angels... Thanks lady <3 

(I asked Nick about celebrating Christmas there)Christmas day means nothing here in Mexico, everyone just has a huge party Christmas eve, with dinner. I bought Martinellis from Costco to bring to Martas house tomorrow for dinner. We were standing outside of Costco with them and these two ladies walked up to us and were like, you guys in that religion can't drink those. 

us. they're non alcoholic 
them. it doesnt say that. 
us. yes it does. 
... We were just testing you... 


That's really all I had for this week, there were a lot of other things that we did for Christmas so we didn't have time for a lot of stuff. But lately, I've just been feeling stressed with everything. Which, its December, everyone's a little stressed at this time. Just don't forget to think about what's really important in this life. 

On a side note, tried alcohol today. Jose Cuervo Tequilla, (or whiskey?) kinda tasted like floor cleaner and cyanide. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to give the missionaries chocolates filled with alcohol. But, I guess it's my fault too,  for not putting 2 and 2 together and figuring out that because the wrapper said Jose Cuervo, it meant alcohol.   

Elder Arvanitas

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