Monday, December 16, 2013

Do you have bathrooms?

This has been Nick's first full week with his new companion.  It sounds like he's had a rough week but one where he learns just how much Elder Cruz did.  I'm sure he has a new appreciation for him.  

So this week was probably the most frustrating week of my life. 

I'm  in charge of the area now, so I have to teach Elder D......... everything about the area, and until he learns it, he basically can't do anything.  Well I guess I didn't think it would be that hard but, it is. 

Tuesday was good though,  we had the baptism of Selene. Everything worked out for the most part and then Elder Cruz took off to go to the president´s house and then later to his house. So, I gave him a hug, he cried a little bit, and I guess I got a little teary eyed too. 

Wednesday-Saturday was all just a blur. It was a lot of getting lost, walking to nowhere, only to turn and walk right back. And for some reason no one was home. But it wasn't too bad I guess....

My companion for the most part is pretty relaxed during all this. Which I couldn't ask for anything more, cause its basically all my fault because he knows nothing about the area. We're teaching well together too. 

But yeah, that was my week. Here's a funny story. 

So we were walking down the street, arguing about whether the gas stations had bathrooms or not and I was like,  "Alright, I bet you right now that this oxxo (gas station) has a bathroom". Hes like, no, none of them do. So we walk up to it but for some reason it was closed, which is weird cause they're open 24/7. Next thing I know this guy pops his head out this little window and was like

 hey! you cant come in here
 I was like we just want to know if you have bathrooms.
No puede pasar! 
Just.. do you have bathrooms... 
... yes... 
Thank you. 

Then we walked away, and then it hit us that there were two guys in the store wearing street clothes, with the place locked down, and the workers just are standing there, while one guy was hanging over the counter. So they might of been robbing the place... And the only concern I had was if they had bathrooms. (At least he won the bet.  He is so like his mother. :))

But just a thought for this week. So I was reading the Parable about the master and the vineyard  and how he works all day in the vineyard and things are good. But, after a while everything just fails. He starts to cry, and asks himself ¨"What more could I have done?". "I've done everything.." then his servant replies and says "just spare it a little longer" implying just to "wait.." 

It's a lot of what I felt this week, and with my ward.  We work so hard here, and everything is still failing and a lot of the time, I don't know what to do. But, sometimes the answer is just to wait and things will work out. 

Elder Arvanitas

Selene's baptism
Some crazy graffiti.  They do love their soccer!

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