Monday, December 9, 2013

A new companion

This week.... 

Today!! I saw a building that was taller then 3 floors. I've never been more excited in my life.. Its been too long. Also there's a place with American imports, including Mountain Dew??? When I find it you bet I'm going to buy like 36 and sell them :) (I know he's kidding but sometimes, I wish I could smack him through the computer)

My new companion is Elder D........, he's way funny. Kinda reminds me of Levi sometimes, but a little less crazy. (For those who don't know Levi, he's a friend of Nick's who is serving his mission in Colorado right nowI'm excited though. He just doesn't know any English at all. So, we'll see how that goes. 

But this week on Monday, the church by the offices got robbed. (don't worry I've been assured's normal) The guy climbed through the roof and on top of the ceiling Styrofoam tiles and dropped down into the offices there and stole  5 computers. I was pretty impressed to be honest that he did it. The police came and all (we were there the next morning for a meeting) but, I doubt they'll do anything about it. 

But this week our numbers sucked. Literally terrible. But that's okay, guess I have to be grateful for the people we did teach. We just spent most of it preparing for the activity that we had Saturday, this huge talent show. The only problem is, our ward doesn't have any talents. The whole country of Mexico is tone deaf I swear. But that's okay :) 

The activity turned out, 100 people came. But, the people didn't bring a lot of food.  The mission President came.  I wasn't expecting him. Then he walked in and everyone was like, "ohhh booyy." But it was alright. I played Hallelujah(the song in the movie, Shrek) while the other elders came. It was a pretty relaxed week. We visited lots of members for the activity. 

I was talking to this one guy at the activity though. He's depressed all the time with everything, but he's trying really hard.  In those moments, the best is really just to express your love for them.  I told him that he meant a lot to me, and that he's been a huge influence while I've been here to become better. He almost started crying.. Then  he talked to me about Jehovah Witnesses for 20 mins.

 Today i spent the morning with Elder C..., he's coming back tomorrow. He's coming back to baptize S.......   I just talked to him about how sweet its gonna be to go back and see his family and everything. I'm excited for him. He's ready, along with all the other people leaving. 16 of them. 

Elder Arvanitas

Where the guy came through the roof of the church

Elder C...'s last morning.  

As a shout out to Sydney, they ate lunch on the floor.  

Elder M......... and D.......

Nick and Elder W.... who is going home

Elder H......., who is Nick's Zone Leader and going home too

Nick and Elder D........., his new companion.  

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