Monday, November 18, 2013

Working on becoming a better companion

Nick's companion is gearing up to end his mission. This tends to be a time for missionaries to try and get as much work done as they can, so they don't leave the area with more work because of something they didn't do. Nick will really miss Elder Cruz, but changing companions is part of being a missionary.

So this week. Not a lot to talk about once again, sorry.

The cookies didnt work out! I tried to make them today and they were just chafa. So now I'm stuck with like 6 kilos of sugar and I dont know what to do with it. It will make a good Christmas present, I guess.
Oh but about cookies, the dough was at least really good. So I started eating it, and Elder Cruz was like, can you eat that? I told him that it was bad for you and gross and that I was just hungry, so he wouldnt eat it. It made me think that no one here in Mexico knows what chocolate chip cookie dough tastes like. They obviously never had a childhood. (I sent Nick the recipe we always use because he asked for it last week. I hope he tries again)
All I remember from this week,  is we had splits with the other elders. I was with Elder M........ for the day. (Oh by the way were allowed to have sleepovers again so thats fun, except Elder S.......'s bed was sticky and moist and I dont know why) (I guess they can stay over night when they have splits, which is when you become companions with a different missionary, who isn't your regular companion, for the day. When you don't have to get back to your regular companion, you can work longer and then just switch back in the morning)
    But that day was pretty fun, we climbed in the mexican sewers cause we had to (let's just say, go potty). Also, I wanted to be able to say that I've been in the mexican sewers before. We walked everywhere in the world. Then, we hit this big field which had the biggest grasshoppers I've ever seen. .
     We made some lady cry at lunch cause I told her that every time someone feeds us, it really means a lot to us, because she doesn't ever have to do it.  But, she does anyway. Then she started crying and told us that whenever I'm in their area, her house is always open. So thats always nice :)
Nothing else happened that day. We kinda just walked and talked. Got back to the house and lit some shady fireworks that we bought from some guy that made them in his house. I still have all my fingers, so that's a plus.

It was Dani's 5th birthday, so we ate cake with him last monday. (Dani is the little boy of a couple they teach.  Nick sent a picture of them celebrating the dad's birthday several weeks ago. )
This is Dani eating his cake

But thats really all.  Elder Cruz is starting to get really like stressed with everything lately since he's leaving and the people in the ward can be stubborn and everything.  I told him to just relax a little bit and that were going to work really hard, but more importantly to enjoy his last 3 weeks as a missionary.  I bought him a really nice fake watch from the tianges too, for his 24 month anniversary. So he's better now.  I want to be the best I can for him though, and not be that kid that ruins his last change in his mission.  So, I'm just working on being a better companion right now.

Other than that all is well. Our lessons are starting to improve. The way I see it, if we make a person cry that day, its a succesful day. We made people cry 4/7 days. So, it was a good week. (When Nick talks about making someone cry, he means having them so moved by the Holy Spirit, it brings them to tears.  He does not mean that he's trying to be so mean that he brings them to tears.)

Love you all! take care


Some funny graffiti


Banana Tree

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