Monday, January 13, 2014

A successful week

Nick's letter is incredibly short.  He did tell us that transfers are in a week.  He may or may not get transferred.  Maybe we'll get a longer letter.  

This week, as always my letters not going to be as good as Sydney's.. 

But this week...  it was actually successful? 

Yeah turns out this week was pretty good, we've hit the 23 investigador mark again, and we had a baptism with this little girl who's 9!  So that was way exciting to see. 

This week though,  what we worked on was gaining the confidence of the members, just improving that relationship. 

I realized that really we're only here to teach the people, and help them for the short amount of time that were in each area. But as always, if you don't like doing something, and don't feel like its going to help you in anyway at all. There's no point in doing it. 

That is a lot of what we see here in Mexico with the people. A lot of the people are just really closed, and are friendly if you talk to them, but they don't go out of their way to talk to people and it's kind of frustrating. Even the Testigos do that!(I don't know what a Testigo is.  ???)

I guess the only story I remember from this week is that we were walking in the street, in the morning, with just nothing to do. We really had no idea where we should go so we just kept walking. 
This lady pulls up and is like, "Get in!" So we did. (she was a member in a different ward)  
She's like "I crashed my car with this kid a month ago, and I need you to go visit his mom and talk to her". So we did (its in the most ghetto area), her house was like half house, half garden. We sat in the garden part with the dirt floor and the lime trees and talked to her. She was nice to us. 

So that's life here. I know it was short, this week was pretty normal. Love you guys! Thanks for all the support that you've shown me while I'm here. 

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