Monday, January 6, 2014

Do what you need to do!

Let me tell you how disappointed I am that I didn't get to climb a mountain like Syd and watch the sunrise at 8 o' clock in the morning... 

For the 31st we went and visited like 2 people.  People always try to be friendly on the holidays, but really they don't want you in their house. But, that's understandable :)   Decided to stay up till 12 o clock (well actually it was more like 2:30) though!... (I don't know how much fun you can have with just the two of you, stuck in an apartment)

Next morning at 6:30... ¨that was a mistake... why'd we stay up..." 
Its like the next morning after a sleepover with your friends, but instead of going back to your own house and taking a nap in your own bed for 2 hours, we couldn't. My eyes were just black with circles. But everything's fine now. 

(We didn't do a whole lot on the 1st either) 

Next day, we found this lady that we've been looking for for like 3 weeks. She just disappeared.. But, it turns out she's really depressed. She just talks about every time she quits drinking and drugs and tries to be a better person, she messes up and just feels like a terrible person... 

And I understand completely.(I think he means he understands messing up and feeling like a terrible person, not the drugs and drinking) We're going to do everything we can for her. 

This lady in our ward told us that we need to visit this lady (we're going to this week). But, she told us how she has cancer, and her 18 year old daughter just found out she has cancer too and that they don't really have a lot of time left. 

Made me think about what's really important in life, how really all we have in this life is time. We can use that to do an infinite number of things. But how really, the most important thing in this life is our relationships. Relationships with our families, our friends, and our God. 

Also I feel like this made D.......(Nick's companion)think a lot. There was this lady in Leon, he baptized, with cancer.  It took 4 of them to carry her in and just let her down in the water... He got a call 2 weeks ago that shes in the hospital. She doesn't remember a thing of  family or friends, just the missionaries, and that shes going to die soon.... 

But on a happy note, we found these new people that are just so excited about everything. The husband worked in a restaurant in Texas for 20 years, and just told us every story that ever happened in his life. Also, reminisced  about the days of being a dishwasher.... That really is the worst job ever. (Nick used to wash dishes for a job, he really hated it.)

And finally yesterday, someone started a rumor that we were partying with members till 1 in the morning on the 31st. So, we lost the trust of all the members. Something that my teacher in the MTC told me. "do what you need to do, where you need to do it, and when you need to do it" 

So since yesterday was testimony meeting, where everyone gets up and talks about what they know. I decided to get up and just simply expressed the love I have for everyone in my ward, for the things they've done for us, and the difference they've really made in my life. 

That I know God lives, and that he loves us, no matter what mistakes we have in life. That it's not dependent on anything. 

And now everything  is okay again. 

More than anything,  that's the message that I wanted to share today. 

Also tell Grandpa I hope he gets better with his fancy new hip. 

Elder Arvanitas
Mexican ice cream truck

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