Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm getting transferred

I was able to send email back and forth with Nick today.   He's sad he is leaving this area.  He's really grown to love the people.  But being a missionary means you don't stay in one place forever.  I'm sure Nick will try to keep in touch with all those who have blessed his life in this area.  Change is hard but it helps you grow. 

So I guess the biggest thing that happened this week is that I'm leaving...  (but not really) 

I'm getting sent to another part of Queretaro though, in Los Arcos. (The Arches, for the aqueduct) The area I'm going to is called Lomas. I've heard that it's a little ghetto. (which kind of sucks because Los Arcos is supposed to be the nicest part of Queretaro). 

But my new comp, all I know is that his names Elder D...., and he's from the Dominican Republic (they don't pronounce r´s there), and that he's a short kid. 

This week was normal for the most part. Taught some lessons.... 

I've just been thinking a lot about my past 4.5 months here. I've really met some of the best people, people that I'm never going to forget.  I think more than anything, I just wish I had more time. I don't feel like I've done enough, but sometimes you just have to have one thing.  Faith.  Faith that things are going to be alright, that the problems in the lives of others, even our lives, are going  to one day disappear. 

On top of that, something else I've learned is that just because we have problems and trials in our life, doesn't mean that we cant be happy. Sure were going to be stressed, and at times depressed, but what's important in this life? really? 

I like this one scripture, when Alma  is talking to his son, Coriantun. Hes "correcting him" and he says "Don't search for the riches and vain things of this world, for you cannot carry them with you" 
When we die, and I'm sure all of us one day will, what are we going to take with us? 

It goes back to something Brother Richards(shout out to Brandon) said one time, how relationships are the most important thing in this world. Relations with our friends, with our families, with our husbands and wives, and with our God. 

And so as for this week, it really sucks that I'm leaving. I don't feel ready at all, or that I've done enough here. And even though, sometimes I've disliked it here, and been frustrated with people other times, I've really grown to love them.  I know they'll be alright. 

Even though I probably won't see most of them again in this life, the relationships will stay. 

Saying goodbye to Selene and her family

Bowling with his district

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