Monday, February 3, 2014

Busy in San Juan del Rio

This week we worked really hard.  Everyday in this area, if we are not teaching someone, we are walking or taking a bus to another area to go teach someone. We never reach that point where we're just like "forget it, let's go get tacos and figure out what were going to do next" 

But it's a good thing to always be busy. I cant complain, I came here for a reason.  You know sometimes, I know I make it sound like a vacation where we just walk around and funny stuff happens, but I promise that's only like 5% of the time. 

This week though we had the baptism of Freddy.  He's 19, and married.  So, it was kind of weird teaching him. But, he really is a good guy. His wife (I think she's 20) is a member. 

And their entire family is awesome too. 

Actually, all the families here are awesome and they help us out with whatever we need. 

"Have you eaten breakfast?" 
"No Hermana, we don't have a lot of time either" 
"I don't care. I'm feeding you breakfast" 

So yeah, it's just weird being here though.  My other ward, a lot of the work was helping the ward with the problems and gossip that was going around and trying to get people to love each other. 

 And here it's kinda just like, well you guys are all perfect...

We went to the Peña today too. (He means Pena de Bernal, I attached a stock picture at the bottomIt was a nice mini vacation. We slept in the other Elder's house, in Tequisquiapan, yesterday. We put together their 2 mattresses and fit 6 people in there.  Felt like I was 10 again, at a sleepover, except it was with 3 Mexicans a Dominican and a Guatemalan. 

But, we climbed this mountain. Didn't wear shoes. Felt like I was at home again. Pictures next week. 

Anyway, love you guys, thanks for all the support and letters and everything everyone has shown me since I left. 
Special thanks to the Logues for the package!  I loved the card with the kitten on it. 

Elder Arvanitas
This is a stock photo of the mountain they climbed.  Nick couldn't load his pictures today.  

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